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Favorite "bad"/guilty pleasure movie?


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I was wondering, are there any "bad" movies you guys like? I don't mean the painful, "Lord, take me now" kind of bad (i.e., Manos), but the funny kind of bad. The overacted, under budget, "You can actually see the boom mic!" kind of bad.

Street Fighter - While it may by tied with Super Mario Bros. for the worst non-Boll video game film in existance, it's just so stupid and over the top that I can't hate it. From Raul Julia's ridiculous performance as M. Bison (wouldn't be surprised if this role had a hand in putting him in that coma), to the half-assed retconning of certain characters (Charlie is Blanka? Wha?), to the laughably bad dialogue ("Quick! Change the channel!" ), this movie treads the line between funny bad and painful bad. But the worst part is by far the idea that someone who stumbles over the English language on a regular basis like Van Damme ended up being cast as Guile.

Space Mutiny - Stolen Battlestar Galactica (no, not the current series) footage. A hero who screams like a girl several times throughout the film, despite being somewhat buff. A "love interest" that appears old enough to be the hero's mother. A villain who laughs in almost every scene. A group of psychic women who have little to do with the actual plot. A crew member who's murdered, only to be clearly visible at her work station in the next scene. A "thrilling" chase involving what are obviously poorly modified golf carts...do I really need to go on? Just make sure you watch the MST3K version, otherwise it's a painful, painful movie.

I'd add more, but this post is getting kind of long-winded.
Beer Fest?


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The movie, not the internet phenomena. So corny, with all the rubbery puppets, but for some reason I just love it to death.


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Clueless.........yes, no joke

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Care Bears 2. There's a certain darkness in the movie has that makes me enjoy it.
I consider my uncle the original MST3K. When I was little he would rent B-movies all the time and then sit and watch them making fun of everything, almost exactly like the MST3K guys. It was freaking hilarious to watch a movie with him! Even the 'scary' ones. That was 20 years ago though so I can't remember anything we watched. I remember renting movies like 'Biker chicks from Hell' among others.


Plan 9 from Outer Space (directed by Ed Wood) This was really bad, but considering it's low budget... it was good. Still, the story is REAL cheesy.


I think just about anything by Ed Wood automatically qualifies for this thread. :)


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Oh gods, there's so many I could name.. just a couple off the top of my head --

Popeye (watched it last night)
Hudson Hawk



I went to the video rental to deliberately find a cheesy movie to riff. I narrowed my search by immediately going to the "S" section, as I figure the easiest movies to riff start with "S" words, like "star", "space", or "solar". Sure enough, I found this film called Starcrash, and it was first class riffing material! It was a cheap, bizarre Star-Wars knock-off. It had David Hasselhoff, ships were horribly kitbashed from office supplies, and the villain was so campy. It's a great film for riffing.

When I visited friends for a get-together, we watched The Wizard, which is essentially a 90-minute Nintendo commercial. The one thing we made fun of at times was the director's complete obliviousness to video games, as we could point out various factual errors. I think that movie's a great choice, too, especially for old-school gamers like me.


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"Dr. Mordrid"

*hangs head in shame*

But you've got to admit, Jeffrey Combs is awful cute and the part where a stop motion tyrannosaur skeleton fights a mammoth skeleton is pretty awesome.