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Favorite Books as a Child

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Say what now?
Hey all! I've got kind of a...survey thing going on? I dunno what to call it. Anyways.

My sister is in a children's literature class and needs help finding books of specific genres to read. She needs to read 15 books, and so far she has 13, and needs two more. The books need to be either non-fiction or historical fiction. I myself haven't read in years, and the ones I suggested she already has.

So I'm asking help from you guys. Are there any childhood books you remember that really stand out to you? Again, she's looking for non-fiction or historical fiction books, reading levels between 1st-6th grade.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks guys!

(By the way, does this belong in the Writer's Bloc? I figured since it was about reading stories instead of ones that I've written it should be in Off Topic, but if it does need to be moved, it would be cool to do so).


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar :3


Huh, non-fiction or historical fiction... Hard... I can't really think of any right now.

Mine were always fantasy, like The Hobbit or The Edge Chronicles.


The Bad-tempered Ladybird. That one with the dark dark house on the dark dark hill

(Should I be aiming higher? I'm just thinking of the earliest ones I can remember)

Tiger In A Tie

Say what now?
The Bad-tempered Ladybird. That one with the dark dark house on the dark dark hill

(Should I be aiming higher? I'm just thinking of the earliest ones I can remember)

I'd say a bit higher. Maybe books with chapters and such? For example, the Magic Treehouse series or Nancy Drew.

Thanks all for the suggestions so far though! 'Tis all appreciated :)

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What's the exact age group, and how non-fictional can it be? Dragonbreath almost totally revolves around learning about the ocean and is very educational as far as that goes, but the setting/characters are fictional and it's definitely for very young kids.

There's also Island of the Blue Dolphins, which is based on a true story.

EDIT: This might help you
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Lady Chattersleys Lover.

A good all-round book for the little tykes. They'll love page 78.



Actually how old is your sister? Zoobooks is more for < 10 reading material despite having tons of awesome info.


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Alice in Wonderland.
Rafael Pombo's short children's poems (all wonderful, all wordy, but all in spanish).
Fairy Tales in general (especially if they come from a well-ilustrated book).
Some of the 1001 night's tales (Ali Baba is popular for a reason).
Poe's Tales in general, especially A descent into the Maelström.
Call of the Wild and Tales from the southern seas (both by Jack London).
You could also recommend her Frances Hogson Burnett's books, especially The Secret Garden.

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If you don't have the entire Hardy Boys series done yet, your life and this thread is a waste


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Making a child read nonfiction :[

Give her a Dawkins book. His writing style is easy as shit to read and they are nonfiction.

Or give her something more appropriate, I dunno. I don't read nonfiction.

Evan of Phrygia

The book of random facts.

Skip the sex section and it should be samoooth sailin'


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The Red Badge of Courage.


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'Ben & Me' and 'Mr. Revere & I' both by Robert Lawson
'Johnny Tremaine'
'The Yearling'
'Black Beauty'