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Favorite British Comedies


The Reverend Blue Moon Bear
Any favorite British Comedies? Some of mine are:
Fawlty Towers

Are You Being Served? (the intro changed with every episode)

'Allo 'Allo (Also changed every episode)

The Vicar of Dibley



Indeed I quite enjoy the tale of the Norwegian Blue who met his unfavorable demise. Twas a passed parrot indeed, stiff and limp, gone is he from this world....


Or is the fellow just resting?


The cat's mother.
Black Books!! It's a sitcom about an eccentric bookstore owner and his "friends".

Just a sample.


(Michelle Gomez is a goddess.)



Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Also, for an Irish comedy (not British but damn good)...Father Ted
Irish writers but technically it is British made.

Nobody's brought up Bottom yet.
Somebody on Youtube re-did the opening as if it were Friends.



Professional Watermelon Farmer
Are You Being Served?
Good Neighbors
Fawlty Towers
Absolutely Fabulous
That Mitchell & Webb Look
Jam & Jerusalem
To The Manor Born


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Since Fawlty Towers and Monty Pythons Flying Circus have been brought up a few times, some of you may enjoy “At Last the 1948 Show”. It has quite a few Pythons in it as well as Marty Feldman, but it is in black and white (if that’s a dealbreaker for ya).


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Fawlty Towers is nice! :)
I wish to watch One Foot In the Grave and Only Fools And Horses someday.


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Pretty much all of the classics, I suppose my order would be -

Black Books
Red Dwarf
League of Gentlemen
That Mitchell and Webb Look
The Fast show
Monkey Dust
The Two Ronnies

Think 10 should do it, or I will be here all night! Incidentally, I can quote almost every line from the first 4 in the list from memory ^v^! Specially Bottom XD I dont know why I like that show so much, but it kills me XD

Borophagus Metropolis

The last prehistoric floofy woof of FAF
Keeping Up Appearances
Fawlty Towers
Open All Hours
'Allo 'Allo
The Good Life
One Foot In The Grave
Black Books

Also, for an Irish comedy (not British but damn good)...Father Ted

I used to watch Keeping Up Appearances when it was broadcast on PBS, with a signal that was always in and out. I wonder if it's available now for streaming in HD 1080p 4K 3D.



Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
I only failed to mention Monty Python because they transcend any qualification; they are in a class by themselves.

I actually think they're overrated personally. I went back and re-watched some of their sketches and while there are some memorable ones everybody loves there's a lot of stuff that's quite dull! x3


The Drunk Metalhead. FckNzs.
Dinner for one.
An English film that's a classic on new years eve in German speaking countries and practically unknown in English countries xD