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Favorite Cartoon Themes/Intros


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I have way too many. Thankfully most are posted here already.

Adding to that list is some of my favorites:

Denver the Last Dinosaur, Garfield and Friends (Every season except the last), The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Freakazoid, Heathcliff, Captain Planet, Cow and Chicken, Bleach (All seasons), and Inuyasha (All seasons).

Also included are the majority already listed here above my post. =D

I know I forgot a lot but this will do for meow now.
I didn't even watch this show but for one episode.....
I just realized how much this show has in common with with Squirrel and Hedgehog....though with much less gruesome violence.

Though if anime counts, my pick would be;
Smeshariki (or in the English version of Kikoriki), you most likely did not even hear about him, but almost all my childhood passed with him. Well, with the Pink Panther of course


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I want to thank Tiktok for reminding me of this:

Used to watch it when I was younger, it was pretty good.

And as I got older, I saw the newer and liked it just as much.
It really does a good job introducing the characters in just the theme, plus I liked the show's darker theme.
I've been watching it recently just like how I've been watching older cartoons of which I grew up with as a teen.

"Here kids my age are into traps!"

Speaking of "older" cartoons...
Completed watching all of the episodes recently. Man, I remember staying up late at midnight watching this when I was a teen... It's a shame the "modern" version is complete garbage, I didn't spend a few minutes watching the movie online.


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Super energetic, and bubbly!
( And the cape flip at the end.........WOW! )

This one is taller with more visuals!

Gummi Bears!

This is the full version, but all it adds is a long instrumental section, a couple extra lines, and a

slower repeat of the first verse!

So, better to stick to the tv version with the cool sound effects!

The extra lines are kinda cheesy and unnecessary anyway!
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Explosion loving skooma cat

Super energetic, and bubbly!
( And the cape flip at the end.........WOW! )
Sunni, cubby, Princess Calla, Grammi... No problems. Even remember there Bing a hat to let you change appearance to the person you named. Also, one of only three shows a girl like me saw a woman or girl not the damsel in constant distress with She-Ra and Thundercats being the other two. Also, when, like 7 year old me knew she wanted to be a Gummi. So, furry. and transform. and Sunni was hot in boots, so also maybe the beginning of gay before I understood gay. good times.

Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite, and for girl's don't count - they were simply marketing. Ah, the 80s.

Thank you for posting it!


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I can't find a vid of it, but Batman: the Animated Series has a great one.[/MEDIA]
It was a truncation of the Batman Suite by Danny Elfman form the 1989 Batman movie.
Here is the syndication

I may be gay, but I'd do that Batman because, you know, he's Batman.
Get it? because that's where the meme came from?


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Do non furry anime count?

I could go on a drunk Cyan-O rambling but I'll keep it simple.

Shiki is one of the best horror anime out there and I highly recommend it

it's opening is perfect.


If it don't count than gargoyles......

Gargoyles count as furry right?


also, why is everything I type underlined?


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I loved The Silver Brumby... I had a horse-sona once (a black mare with a white mane and tail and a fiery personality.) I shipped her with Arrow because I thought that if he had a lady friend to make a stallion of him, he wouldn't be such an annoying loser.


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The Weekenders!

It was mentioned, but not linked!

Sung by Wayne Brady!!!

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers!

The full version, saxophone solo included!
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