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Favorite Character in All of Fiction

Butters Shikkon

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We all have to have one. Or atleast one that really stands out more than the rest; one that speaks to our soul if you'll forgive my cheesyness.

If I had created this thread last year, I think I would have listed Elphaba from Wicked Musical as my fav. But I'm a little older, and hopefully wiser so I'm gonna share my new one with all of you in hopes that you'll share your own.

Molly Grue from the Last Unicorn. She's a spunky peasant woman living in the middle ages that tends to say exactly what she means. She longs for a better reality and is a fan of fantasy in her own way. But there are a million characters who yearn for something more, right? What sets Molly apart from the rest?

Molly is no princess. She's no young hero. She's a poor, washed up, middle aged dreamer who has been knocked around by life. And when she finally gets to meet a unicorn (whom you could agrue represents romance and opportunity) this is how she reacts.

With anger and regret. She's not a beautiful virgin full of promise anymore, she's old and used up. She finally gets to have her fantasy come true and she reacts violently to it. Now that I'm a little older and have "unicorns" of my own, I empathize with her more than ever. The heartbreak in her voice is one of the most touching moments in film in my humble opinion. And she just keeps moving forward in her life after that. She'll probably never have the storybook happily ever after...but I sorta like that. She's doing the best she can with what she has left.

So how about you, FAF? Who's your all-time favorite fictional character?


I'm gonna have to watch the rest of the film in that case. That story seems touching and is really something I can relate to. Concerning my favourite fictional character of all time, the chances are you already know her of you have talked with me on Skype for a second about the topic. I even posted her in the fictional crushes thread. In close second though is actually Elphaba from Wicked (which I had the amazing oppotunity to see in the west end on a school trip).


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Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas. Look at this little guy. He's sly, he's adorable, he's got an appetite for mischief and for all the foods, he's sexy and he knows it.

He is Hewge in form of the raccoon.

Just got to slap an eyepatch on him.


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chances are you already know her of you have talked with me on Skype for a second about the topic. I even posted her in the fictional crushes thread.

Good grief why wouldn't you just say it? No need to be so vague.

I'm going to go with Dream the Endless.


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Oooh Elphaba. I started listening to Wicked a few months ago and really love it, can't wait till the musical production comes back to Melbourne next year.

Honestly, I can't give an answer to this question - my tastes tend to vary wildly from month to month as does some aspects of my art style. However I tend to gravitate towards male characters.


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My favourite character of all time is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, because her antics are the funniest, period.

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Toss up between Captain Jack Harkness from Dr Who/Torchlight and Lelouch from Code Geass


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3. Callahan (Stephen King's Dark Tower series)
2. George Costanza (Seinfeld)
1. John Locke (Lost)
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AuRon- (Age of Fire series)
Dante- (the original, not the emo, DMC)
Lara Croft- (who the hell doesn't, Tomb Raider)
Deadpooooooooool- (Just frickin' awesome)


Lucifer- from The Fallen
Aziraphale and Crowley -from Good Omens
Dante -from Devil May Cry

plus a few of my own characters :V


"Hey let's select the one fictional character that stands out for us, the most important one."
"Sure, he's a list of names."

I'll go with Special Agent Dale Cooper, FBI.


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After much deliberation, I am going to have to go with Spike, from Buffy. [He was known as spike for torturing his victims with railroad spikes.]


He's a charismatic mix of 1 part good to 2 parts evil.
A scar he recieved to his face in a mugging was even worked into the plot of the show, cementing his badass attitude.