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Favorite childhood video games


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My all time favorite game from when I was a child is definitely the Sly Cooper trilogy, I played and replayed every single game in the series several times and I still got the games fresh in my memory. I love everything about those games from the story to the characters and the amazing level design. Sooooo gooood!!!

Some runner ups for me would be Ratched & Clank, Jak And Daxter, Resistance and Minecraft.

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Adventure Island II for NES.


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Maniac mansion for the nes. It was my first ever point and click adventure game and I fell in love with the genre. Then music was awesome, the story was great, every character felt like they were there own person and not just a party member.

i still own and play it, along with most of my nes collecton, and it lead to me playing other great point and click adventure games like Sam & Max, Kings quest, Broken Sword, Monkey Island, A Bards Tale, univited, shadow gate and so may more.

Thank God I hung on to my nes, wish I would have kept my snes, genesis and N64. I have my N64 to my father because he loved Turok so much. He still has it and plays it to this day at 76 years old. Loves LOZ and SMB3 as well.


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The first two Monkey island games, Lemmings, Worms, the original Quake single player game and Zool. I used to play multiplayer Gauntlet 2 with my brother and my best friend.


I often remember sitting around in my underwear in the livingroom at 7AM on a Sunday morning, doing world 5 of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was the closest thing I had to a party game. We loved doing the races, even though they were terribly balanced.

Ninja Gaiden I liked a lot, too. It was balls hard, but I felt like a total badass doing flips and bouncing around. It was super satisfying when I finally beat it at 29 years old.

None of these are absolute favorites, though. They just have fond memories attached to them. Final Fantasy I is what does it for me. "I wanna beat it with just one character", "I wanna do a hardcore run now", "I wanna try with four white mages", "Now I'll do it without using heal potions", "Gotta keep all their experience points even!". I must have been through that game like fifty times by now.


As a kid I wasn't allowed much for video games because my mom kinda became a sort of "anti video game" mom after my brother had grown up through the age of video games first becoming really popular (the early 90s). So my brother ended up getting all the video games, and I ended up getting kind of nothing xP At least I got to watch him play a lot of games though. Unless Winnie the Pooh Preschool for the PC counts. That was my jam as a really young kid lol.

The first (and pretty much only) "actual" video game I ever had as a kid was Donkey Konga for the Game Cube. It was the ONLY video game my mom ever bought for me, and I played it on my brother's console. That is probably pretty sad, I know. Though since I did watch my brother play some games, there are a few that are a bit nostalgic to me. Notably Smash Bros Melee, I actually kinda played it once with my brother, but I played as Bowser and sat in the little floor pathway of the Zelda's Fortress level and repetitively breathed fire, lol. But hearing the Melee menu theme or the Zelda's Fortress theme is nostalgic to me.

I kinda got ahold of games a bit more into my later childhood / early teens. When my brother first got an Xbox 360, it came with Lego Indiana Jones and the Kung Fu Panda games. I remember being obsessed with the Kung Fu Panda one and I would even sneak onto the Xbox when no one was home to play it. A bit later, one place we lived in had an N64 basically abandoned there with a couple games, those being Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party. Everyday after school I remember coming home and playing Mario Kart. Sometimes I played Mario Party too and because I was lonely I would hook up extra controllers and basically play the game with myself. There was also a short phase of me playing GTA SA on an Xbox that was also left at that house, though I didn't actually play the game's story, I just ran around and explored the area and hijacked cars to drive them. But I say short phase because my mom ended up telling me I couldn't play it anymore because it was "too violent" and that "hijacking cars is bad". Even though I didn't even kill people in the game when I "played" it anyway. I also had a DS finally around this time too, which I got for my birthday from my brother, but the only game I had on it was Nintendogs. It wasn't until a little while later my brother lent me a couple games, one of those being Super Mario 64 DS, I fell in love with that game and played it a ton, I actually still have it with me because my brother never asked for it back. A year ago or so I finally ended up getting all 150 stars. I also got this shitty Bolt DS game that even though I thought it sucked, I have beaten it like at least ten times now.

A bit later into my teens I started getting really into the Pokemon series after my brother got me Pokemon Black for my birthday. I found out my cousin also had Black and it was both of ours' first time playing Pokemon. We became obsessed with it and would play it for hours on end, even staying up at night together playing the games. We also went to go get other Pokemon games, I ended up having SoulSilver and Platinum. (Later on I also got Black 2, Y, and OmegaRuby, but I kinda lost interest after those). My cousin and I also played a lot of Smash Bros Brawl, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. We played a lot of the multiplayer on SA2 and laughed at how weird it would be, and we usually played on random character mode. Later we started taking turns raising Chao in the Chao garden and I kinda ended up liking that game but only for that one part of it. The actual game itself is blech imo.

But the game in my teens I became REALLY obsessed with was LittleBigPlanet. I first found out about it at my dad's exgirlfriend's place, because her kids were playing it. I absolutely loved that game because of the ability to create your own levels. It is still one of my favourite games to this day, and I own the first and second ones. Unfortunately for the longest time, I could only ever play the game when I visited my dad (or for that short period of when my brother left his PS3 at our house and he had gotten the game for free from the PS store). It sucks because now that I actually own my own PS3 and have the games, there is like no one to play it with now and I lost my old save files a couple times. The people I do find online are usually annoying little kids that don't know how to play properly or slap you a million times, ugghh.

Wow, I wasn't meaning to make this so tl;dr. If anyone actually read through all this, then . . . you must be extremely bored :p

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This game was my jam.
I'd play it constantly and it was amazing. I admit that I had an Nintendo 64, but I only played/had Mario 64 on that, whereas the Xbox I had this bad boy.
I'm actually still trying to see if I can play it on my PC instead, I have the xbox copy but I'd prefer it on my PC, like with all my other games I legally owned and got on my PC.

It was actually pretty damn fun when I was younger, I wanna see if it still has that amazing charm to it, I do know starting it each time gives me a smile, not like the "Ah shit, here we go again" most games give me.

I preferred this over the 2d one that most people seem to want, sure people grew up on that but this... This was my childhood version of Toejam and Earl and I'd love it to be like this.



A fun game were you play as a demon trying to collect elemental crests that turn him into different creatures with different powers. The pixel art and ost was pretty freaking neat


Amazing game with a fun campaign and an almost perfect multiplayer. Every civilization was fun to use (except Chinese) and the mad editor was a lot of fun


Spent more time than I'd like to admit with this game. The story was ok but the magic and ost was fantastic.
I also was stupid enough to spend days looking for the sand goose


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Quake "dont remember which one" on N64, GTA Sa and Halo CE on PC, my life changed with those three


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Jack Jackrabbit 2 was my shit. Knew the demo by heart and made a huge number of levels. Played it again recently and it was perfectly fine, but not as good as I remember. Still, it’s a decent platformer.


My all time favorite game from when I was a child is definitely the Sly Cooper trilogy, I played and replayed every single game in the series several times and I still got the games fresh in my memory. I love everything about those games from the story to the characters and the amazing level design. Sooooo gooood!!!

Some runner ups for me would be Ratched & Clank, Jak And Daxter, Resistance and Minecraft.
Sly Cooper trilogy is one of my faves too! Though I ended up playing 3rd one most mainly because it was in Finnish so it was easiest for me to play.
Ratchet and Clank is on my fave list too and I got really hyped about it again when I realized I could get it for ps4! I'm currently playing it through again :D
There's also Spyro trilogy which is close to my heart and obviously Crash Bandicoot.
My lesser known favourite was Barbie as horsegirl or smth. I remember replaying it like 10 times just because I loved it so much


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My favorites ones were mostly anthro-themed:

- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Donkey Kong Country
- Super Mario World
- Diddy Kong Racing
- Tiny Toons: Buster and the Beanstalk
- Toejam & Earl
- Quackshot
- The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Might be missing much more. I'd also love sim games like Simcity, Flight Simulator and The Sims


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Zelda and Pokemon were my jam, especially OoT 3D and Platinum

Damn I feel sorry for kids growing up with stuff like fortnite and ea sports games....


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Probably not many people will remember this one, but... Gravity Power.

It was originally an Indie game called 'Gravity Force', but a computer magazine (probably Amiga Power) commissioned an updated version with more features and gave it away on a cover disk. The basic gameplay was a one-on-one split screen duel between two human players (there was no AI alternative). It was a 'Lander' style game, i.e. you flew a tiny triangular spacecraft by turning and thrusting, with realistic gravity, inertia and so forth, and you had two weapons: a front-facing gun and a special weapon. I think you also had to land at a 'dock' to restock fuel and ammo, but I can't remember. The great thing about Gravity Power though was it was one of the earliest games to implement customisable weapons. There were no restrictions, you could make the most overpowered monstrosity you liked, such as a crazy full-auto shotgun thing or a homing bomb. I got really good at it though. I could beat more or less anyone, regardless of what weapons they chose, with just a bog-standard peashooter and a dumb fire lofted bomb. It was a simpler time...

Happy days.


Sorry for a bit of a necro here, but I have a lot of feelings about my childhood video games!
Please bear with me. :')

I grew up in a pretty relaxed home with little to no media restrictions as long as my brothers and I behaved.
My dad would spend hours with us playing video games, and I have a lot of happy memories to go along with them.
Here's a ton of my favorites, in no particular order.







I know I probably have dozens more, but those come to mind first. If anyone ever wants to talk games, feel free to inbox me!
I love the N64, Dreamcast, and Gamecube the most. :)


Mostly graphic adventures. I started by playing King's Quest I back in the early 90s and didn't stop really, working my way through over 100 of them as of now. Favourites would be The Dig, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Longest Journey and Gabriel Knight 2. Also love the platformers, like Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and Super Mario 64.


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Drakengard, Viewtiful joe, Oni-Mushu, Sonic Adventures 2, Devil May Cry 3 and Pik-man were some of my favorite games. I have an N64 but I never really got into it. The Gamecube and Playstation 2 were primarily what I played as a kid. I didn't beat any of them since I didn't have a memory card for either system but I liked just playing them from the beginning over and over again.

I also used to have a gameboy with pokemon red that my brother and I shared. We kept restarting each others games, and again never beat it XD.
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Chrono Trigger for SNES, to this day still is by far my favorite RPG of all time!

Jazz Jackrabbit series for PC

Willow for NES was a little known (at the time) epic RPG gem, I enjoyed this MUCH more than the original Zelda and Zelda II

And finally who doesn't like it when two of the biggest (at the time) legendary game designers did an amazing collab: Super Mario RPG
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Everything started with Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Legend of Zelda for me. Childhood definitely was mind-blowing. <3 And then Pokémon happened.


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Strike Force Heroes, definently. That and commando took up much of my time. Those 2 were like 2d call of duty. On console there was Mario Kart wii and Cars 2 the video game.