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Favorite Condiment?


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
When you put any food on your tongue, is it a condiment? (Could any food be a condiment?)

I think the food is on me, rather than me on the food, in that case.

I need to climb entirely on top of a food mountain. :}


Can't forget Buffalo sauce and it's peppery buttery goodness.


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My favorite condiment: None. I don’t really like them.
My least favorite condiment: Probably mustard, followed by ketchup and Marmite.

Firuthi Dragovic

World Serpent, overly defensive
Yeah, sorry, I'm one of those people who sticks with plain ol' ketchup as their favorite. I will use other sauces as suits the food (such as barbecue sauce on brisket, or ranch dressing for certain types of french fry platters), but forget any sort of hot sauce (even Frank's Original is probably too hot for me).

To me, condiments are to be used lightly on food, not slathered all over it. If it affects my grip on the food, there's too much.


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Barbecue sauce trumps all


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Gonna be basic and say ketchup or barbecue sauce! Mayonnaise if it's going in my tuna salad.