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Favorite Cultural Music?


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Not sure if I'm wording this right so forgive me. Have any of you listen to cultural music outside of your own? Or even foreign singing to make it a bit easy.

I like listening to instruments such as an erhu, which is my favorite foreign instrument so far. Specifically I love hearing traditional/instrumental Chinese Music. If anyone wants to give it a shot there's a channel called TaiGekTou who has been uploading such songs for years!



Yeah, gotta love those Germans. I'm an American, but regularly listen to a variety of German music or German-based musicians.



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Considering that I'm a white guy from your stereotypical American suburbs, this is quite far outside what "my" culture would be thought to be. But I listen to a lot of reggae anyways, so whatever.
Here's the whole album if anyone wants to give it a listen


mane diva
I love to listen Music from other Cultures. Here are some of my favourites:

@BahgDaddy: If you like Santiano try checking out Subway to Sally, Schelmisch or Saltatio Mortis. May be you like them aswell.


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Celtic is pretty much all I listen to. Here's a few of my favorites: