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"favorite fruit" thread

Nexus Cabler

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Pineapple, lemons and limes, and green apples.


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lemons and limes, blackberries, and honeydew


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I love oranges.
Unfortunately, so does everyone else in my family. When we buy a big pack of them, it usually doesn't last more than one or two days.
Also, if you can, stop drinking concentrated orange juice, and try it freshly squeezed instead. The latter tastes about a million times better.


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Yellow apples and bananas.


Dragon fruit and strawberries.
For both fruits, I just like the texture. It´s soft and sweet. Well, dragon fruit actually doesn't taste like anything or just has minimal flavor but it is still very delicious.


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Dragon Fruit, Mangos, Strawberries. I don't like the texture so I usually get flavored sodas of them.


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“D a t t e b a y o”


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I like different fruits, fruits in general. However, I don't like bananas. Choosing only one fruit is hard for me. I guess it would be apple.


I like apples the most I guess. Actually, I like many fruits. That's why I can easily follow a fruit diet like this to detox my body and feel pleased. Nevertheless, apples is the best option if choose only one fruit because it's more universal IMHO. And if I had to choose only one fruit, apples I could eat all the time.
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Joy Boi
There is so much to like about fruit. If we’re talking straight up probably something with softer flesh and is sweet like grapes or mango or peaches. But cooked into food would totally be citrus. I don’t like apples or bananas or cherries.