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Favorite Furry Specie


Not actually a dragon. Am catfish.
Felines, eastern dragons, canines, hyenas and all manner of mythical creatures.


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all that is gold does not glitter
Canines and felines always take the win for me. I enjoy some horses but I’m more picky with ungulates in general!


Well-Known Chee
Coyotes are fun! I've seen some snake designs that I really like (here's one of them)



Birb Fanatic
Things with feathers. I didn’t say birds, because a bunch of non-avian dinosaurs have them too, as well as gryphons :p


Positively Insane
I feel like I'm pretty basic as I tend to like canines and felines the most, with dragons being a close second. I love seeing art of almost any species though.


Bears, otters, lagomorphs, 'roos and sometimes badgers all tend to make for cute anthros.

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Let's see:
skunks, raccoons, skunks, cats, skunks, taurs, dogs, wolves, foxes, skunks, gryphons, cows, skunks, horses, skunks, taurs, ponies, anything with feathers, tigers, lions, black panthers, jaguars, and skunks