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Favorite furry species?


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Skunks of corse :p

Ok, to give a little more serious answer:
I like canines since I like characters as Tails and Wile e. Coyote, but also woodland creatures since I like characters as Conker the Squirrel and Sonic (do hedgehogs count as woodland creatures? ^^ )

Then I've seen some nice bird sonas, and of course I've grown up reading Donald Duck comics :p


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For me, my favourites are definitely cats...big jungle ones, though I do love the woodland animals like deer, foxes, and others very much too! Even have a special place for serpents too...


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Ppppft, protogen! I love me my toasters!


It's really hard for me to pick only a few species I like the most as furries, as I like a lot of animals, and any animals can make cool furry characters. Plus the overall design and appearance of a character can tend to matter a lot to me and not just the species.
Though I suppose I do have a strong preference for cats, or felines in general, and some big cats. To name a few others I generally like, I suppose canines, mustelids, hyenas, raccoons, skunks, rabbits/hares, pigs, cows, horses, rats, foxes, goats, dragons (especially Eastern), bleh, the list goes on. Again though some of these can really depend on the art style; for example I am not as much of a fan of cow or horse characters that have more "humanoid" shaped heads (particularly with female characters). Then again I am not a big fan of that for furry art style in general, but I tend to see it more often with these species. Same with rabbits; I like rabbits characters that are a bit more realistic in terms of facial anatomy.

In terms of more fandom-specific, made up species . . . to be honest there aren't any I really have much of a strong interest in. I guess maybe sergals, and manokits. Airplane dragons are also cool. I don't really know a whole lot of the made up species tho.


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I’ve always had a huge soft spot for avian fursonas. I really love the variety that they come in. There’s something visually pleasing about a naturally vibrant color pattern in the case of the tropical ones.

Horses are pretty neat, too. Really neat. Super neat. But it’s not like I’m biased or anything.


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I think boars, dogs, and lizards translate well into anthro. They’re probably my top 5 favorite species to anthropomorphize.


Felines, particularly big cats and specifically jaguars, especially the ones who don't bite into your skull as a form of informal greeting. But even if they do, well, its a worthy consequence from setting eyesight on such beauty up close and personal.


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Mmm Protogens

Wouldn't wanna be one but I like them a lot <3


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Sabertooths, of course are number one with me. Excluding my species of choice, if I had to choose others, I suppose I would say clouded leopards and other big cats. Birbs are cool, too.

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Phoenix are really cool!

Dragons are too, but Phoenix are a little more mysterious elusive and rare~

Wolves, saber tooth, cheetahs and leopards and other birds all are cool too, but definitely nowhere near Phoenix :)