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Favorite Halloween song?

Alison Savros

I don't have a link, but mine is definitely This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Particularly the remix. It makes me feel like a spoopy Halloween monster.




Totally not a vampire
Does this count? I've had it stuck in my head ever since Spooky Month started.



Finally comfortable in my fur!
Usually just go on a 'cradle of filth' and 'Wumpscut' binge round that time XD


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Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!


mane diva

Text translation:

Deep is the night, shut all the doors
hush and be on guard
the Bloodmoon shines bright

The dead raise tonight, dancing at the roofs
And some forsaken boozers laugh from their graves.
rattling bones go round and round
the restless spirits are unleashed tonight.
they scratch and rap on the doors, singing their haunting songs
They seek the warmth of a fire, longing for company a full stein.

Shut all the windows and doors
deep is the night and the lights grow dim
hush and be on guard
the Bloodmoon shines bright
All the Forgotten walk on the streets
hence shut all the doors.

The gates of the otherwold opend at midnight.
And quite some of the living start to bag and hope,
that no traveler will come to his home,
and thirsty for life and wine will rattle on his door.

I'm no one to hush or hide, so I let the spirits in.
The thristy ones that like to fete, shall be welcome at my home.
if moldy or beautiful, if rotten or fresh. I don't care how my guests look.
Today we dance with the dead on the tables, celebrating if it was the last time.

Open the windows! Open the doors!
deep is the night and the lights grows dim
sing with the spirits from you heart
because the Bloodmoon shines bright!