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My family never did anything special for the holidays, but I want to hear what you did or do! :p


I love food, especially how it's made good during the holidays, and the effort behind the cooking. Sadly, a lot of family members don't believe in practicing holidays anymore, so this year we didn't really do much and likely won't do anything in the future.


Autumn wolf
Hmm.. Not much in terms of traditions per se, but it's something that started a couple of years ago.

On the 22nd of December my aunt invites over for a sort of family meet/dinner kind of thing. Lots of good food, talks and catching up on things that's happened.

And boy do a select few drink a lot. :V

I am considering starting to bring Bailey's, to be honest. So I can drink some too.


Spongefrog Bluepants
Family reunites and we eat turkey, chicken, rice, salad and farofa. Sometimes we also do the Secret Santa thing - we're given a random name of a person to which we deliver our present, without their knowledge.

At times we mix Christmas with my birthday, which means brigadeiro may also be available to eat during the christmas dinner. :p


New Member
Hi, we are a family before the new year, Suzuki jumps in his car and eat out of town into a cozy cottage outside the town and close to our loved ones to watch the new year =)