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Favorite music genre?


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Classical, Renaissance Folk, Pirate Shanties (yes, I've been caught at work listening to pirate shanties... a good start to an interesting conversation with my boss), Opera, Classic Rock, 80s Pop (yes, to my eternal shame I do like SOME pop) and some Modern Rock.


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hmm... i can very, like at my friends house i love to listen to realy heavy metal (i don't know specific sub genres though), i have recently found i love techno music, older rock (like Pink Floyed, AC/DC, etc...), classical, fiddle music (from Celtic to old time western), Renisaunce music. I just CAN NOT handle rap...

Adelio Altomar

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Eurodance (like Basshunter and Kobojsarna), Techno in general, Opera, and almost anything not made in America.


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You get one guess... (look down.)


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Four years ago, it would've been J-pop. I kinda disliked rock. Wouldn't know it, with how I am now. I love my alternative, rock, J-pop 'n J-rock, and electronic. Rock above all.

Micah Coon

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A little classic rock, a little techno (ambient specifically), and a little progressive rock (Alan Parsons Project = <3)...


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I pretty much like anything, their isnt really a genre of music i dont like however my overall favorite type of music is Reggae.


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Don't have a fav and I like to many genres to list.
Metal: Black, Doom, and older Death metal. Industrial ambient variants of the first two especially.

Electronic: A very small number of EBM/Gothic Industrial and Darkwave projects.

Classical: I'm really interested in the darkest music to come out of the Late Romantic Era "1850-1910" especially Wahler's symphonies. They have this chilling foreboding vibe I'm really fascinated by. Aside from him Frédéric Chopin is the only other composer who's really struck me so far, but I'm quite new to the genre. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romantic_music#Late_Romantic_Era_.281850-1910.29


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Don't really pay much attention to genre. [although Country is generally mehhh and Rap is just...no.]


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I like pretty much anything that has a beat to it. Except rap and R&B and such like, cause they're just ridiculous.

But my favorite genres i suppose would be Metal and all of it's subgenres like death metal, black metal, thrash metal, etc, and also certain types of techno like hardstyle and drum&bass

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