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Favorite music of 2012


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I'm known to write up these "favorites of X year" lists and thought I'd try here. So I'm going to post music I liked from last year. Everyone else can post what they liked. Just don't be an ass about other's musical taste unless it's Justin Beiber or One Direction or something like that.

Best Song of 2012:
Just because it spawned a phenomenon worldwide, reached 1 billion views on Youtube, and had everyone dancing, yea, this one has to be number one. Even if you hate the song, you have to admit it got pretty epic.

Favorite songs of 2012 that AREN'T by a Korean:
I have to admit the Killers actually became 10 times better this year with their Battleborn album. If these songs do not give you the feels, you are a cold hearted bastard.

And some more!
Best newbie of 2012. I love this video.

Corey Taylor, you mixed my Slipknot in with your Stone Sour. Plz keep doing this, as I really don't like Stone Sour, but I love Slipknot, and this song sounds kinda like Slipknot but better and it kicks ass.

Best song about suicide I've seen this year. 5FDP does what they do best, again. As someone who's been there, I feel this.

There will be more later.

Day Coydog

Cute, Pink Eyesore
Here are some of mine:
I love it so much that it is now Day's theme song,

Day Coydog

Cute, Pink Eyesore
Reminds me of a lullaby, very fun to sing to.

Day Coydog

Cute, Pink Eyesore
Great song, about how if we keep up what we are doing the Earth will punish us.

Day Coydog

Cute, Pink Eyesore
and sorry about Quad post, won't allow more than one vid per post.
The song that I one day hope will me my love(once I find him/her) and mine's song.


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Mature Themes. Favorite album of the year right there.



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Pretty much all of Amaryllis by Shinedown.