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Favorite Music Videos?


Hipster Snob
Post your favorite music videos, I wanna check them out
Ill post mine.
from my favorite album of all time, Pinkerton


Green butt of reason
This one, from one of my favorite hip-hop albums, Labcabincalifornia. At first 20-30 seconds or so it seems like an ordinary video with guys dancing around and bragging about stuff, but when you finally get to see the trick behind it, it may blow your mind. I can only imagine how much trouble they got through to not only film, but properly lipsync all of it.
The whole video is in reverse. Yep, without any special effects


Green butt of reason
>Beastie Boys
>Gnarls Barkley
Well, apparently hip-hop artists have best music videos, lol


Level 32 Knight


normal aberration
I want to do it too! =3

Deluxe :

Gorillaz :

Let's keep up with Caravan palace :

And finally, for french and creepy lovers :

That's all! =p


Professional Cuddlefluff
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer which has awesome stop motion.
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care for acting like assholes and a random still of a cat.
Again Fall Out Boy - Thnks fr th Mmrs for depicting the people they work with as monkeys.

And of course Lone Digger by Caravan Palace, but I already saw that posted.

Sergei Sóhomo


Guy bursts out the shitter playing a violin while a man just slams a drum