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Favorite piece of art you've received and/or commissioned?


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I think we have a thread like this buried in the archives, but I am not fond of throwing a level 10 Necro on threads, so I will make a new one. This is a general thread for art you've received in general, be it through a commission, gift, winning a raffle, etc.

Note: This thread can also be a good way to highlight different artists. I suppose this is a bit of an art showcase thread of sorts?

Three of my top favorites:
www.furaffinity.net: [Com] Kimber by Tarotrickster
www.furaffinity.net: Drake and Lissandra cuddling, by redbettabirb by Yakamaru
www.furaffinity.net: Exercise outfit Amelia, by Kitsunewaffles-chan by Yakamaru

So, have any favorite art you want to showcase? Any particular artist you want to give more exposure? Feel free to share! :D
Don't need to be your top 3, by the way. I just used my top 3 so I don't clog up the entire first post. :p


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This one, definitely :

Link : www.furaffinity.net: Investigation by Lehyen
It was made by Lehyen, and damn I love it so much! It's my wallpaper everywhere, and sometimes I just close every page to stare at it. I love it so much.

Thouuugh I might have just gotten a new challenger. Commissioned a hand-sculpted figure from Zersetzen, and here again, I cannot stop gazing at it. It's such an awesome piece, with incredible details. The artist is so skilled!

Link : www.furaffinity.net: Hippolyte commission by zersetzen


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Well, most of my favorite pieces are explicit (a surprise to nobody). So I can't be sharing that here, my fabulous ass would be too much for the naive and feeble youth.

But let me tell you buckaroos, I live up to that stereotype with bombast and glamour.

Jackpot Raccuki

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My profile pic drawn by smol.
Pretty much my only commission I got since I questioned her existence.

Pretty good and turned out better than I expected since I expected my character not be properly seen how I imagined him to be.
Artists are magical people tbh.

I traded with @Skychickens once and sent a fursona theme song their way, while they gave me this rather effulgent piece:

I see you've taken jazz hands to the next level.


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I have a lot of favorites in my gallery. I like them for different reasons, and often because they are so different. At first it was a bit difficult for me to accept that my fursona would look different, depending on the artist, but now I embrace these differences. It's nice to see her drawn in such varied styles. I also find it amusing to see which pictures get the most faves. I've often been way off in my expectations for the number of faves some pictures would get. My watchers seem to prefer nude pinups, over sex scenes and SFW pictures.

Since most of my gallery is NSFW, I can't really show much here. The picture below is one I've recently post in another thread, but it's my pick for this one as well. I really like it a lot. The artistic style is nice and clean, and very similar to the toony style that my fursona was first drawn in. I think that the picture also does a great job at displaying the glamorous and elegant nature of my fursona. At least in my own mind ;)
I asked for a picture that would look like a celebrity posing for photographers, and the artist did not disappoint. I hope to commission the artist Blitzy-Arts again soon, .


Got quite a few I really appreciate, but this one will always be a bit special to me, still planning on getting it printed and hung on a wall.