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Favorite places to eat?


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No longer doing fast food for awhile *cough*burger king*cough*

First time I eat it in 4 months and I'm sick as hell. Next time I can afford it, I'm going for Mexican or the little Chinese place again.


An itty bitty restaurant in downtown Greenville, SC called Purple International Bistro and Sushi.

Cost $21 for 6 pieces of nigiri and a coke, but holy shit that was incredible. It was so fresh a piece of salmon split in half under it's own weight when i picked it up. @.@

AND I've never seen such good service anywhere else. Including a few 5-star places I've been to.
Last year when I went to visit my grandpa in new York, NY, we ate at this fancy sushi bar, 5 hours later I was in the bathroom projectile vomiting. Yum, sushi. :3


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Barring fancier places that we don't go to regularly,

- Brawley's: a little semi-trashy breakfast diner near my house, where my boyfriend and I can get a delicious breakfast that fills us for most of the day for about ten bucks total. Our weekend staple
- Vero Amore: a small outlet plaza fixture that serves authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. A tad expensive in terms of the price:food volume ratio, but quite worth it
- Sushimatsu: adorable little sushi place. Amazing everything. Expensive as fuck
- Bazil's: for regular pizza. Best pizza I've ever eaten, hands down. Very worth the 45-minute round trip to pick it up
- also In-N-Out :v
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I frequent Mom quite a bit, as well as Pantry.

If not that then Grocery Store or McDonald's.

I think my favourite is either Applebee's or Cracker Barrel.

I don't really love going to formal restaurants, although the food tends to be great at the right places. (if the guilt of price and not having any responsibility for the check isn't too much a deterrent)
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Mezzanine Restaurant is my favorite place to eat. They make delicious dishes and also there having stylish and calm dining room to dine.


I personally love the Thai Foodhouse near my university-campus.
It's not very healthy, but their Pad Thai is to die for.


Neptune on the Auckland Pier. One of two restaurants i'll eat seafood at; I don't go to the other place anymore as the owner (who was a good family friend) passed due to violent causes.


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El Camino in Socorro, NM, a 24-hour diner that serves food worlds better than the Denny's franchise just down the street from it.

Or Magdalena Cafe in Magdalena, NM. My only complaint ever about them is their hours (breakfast and lunch only, most days).

If Yoshinoya opened up more chains in the US, I'd probably get fat off their stuff regularly, too. As it is, I tend to grab fast food at Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (or a local place Teriyaki Chicken in Foil in Belen, NM) whenever I'm in a city that has one.


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If Yoshinoya opened up more chains in the US, I'd probably get fat off their stuff regularly

We have one a couple blocks away but I never went to it. Is it pretty good?


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We have one a couple blocks away but I never went to it. Is it pretty good?

It's been ten years now, but I think so. The only ones I ate at were in Yokosuka (or Yokota, I can't remember which now) and San Diego. The most notable thing I remember is that it certainly didn't taste like fast food.


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P.F. Chang's! Five Guys & Fries is a less costly option. Steak n Shake is pretty beast too. I got mad respect from the manager there when I went in one day after class wearing my uniform. Got free shakes.


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Have I said Popeyes yet?
Five Guys & Fries is a less costly option.
I don't even. I have to pay $10 + for a full combo meal.


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-Beth's Cafe. Dat 12 egg omelette
-Teriyaki Love. Generic teriyaki shop, but I love me some teriyaki
-Tres Hermanos. Local Mexican resteraunt
-Red Robin. Dat Teriyaki Chicken Sandwhich
-Zeek's Pizza
-The Original Pancake House. Cause fuck Denny's and IHOP, this is where good breakfast is at.

Most of these are local

Delta Fox

Adolf Clitler
-Local Italian Restaurant called Pat & Mario's, Sausage & Peppers Penne <3
-Canadian Burger Chain called Harveys