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Favorite seasonal things?


Can be from any season, but Fall is my inspiration for this thread. :3

So, Fall - my favorite season. Probably my top two favorite things are the amazing breezes, especially with rain, and the fact that I can start drinking hot things again (I get too overheated to drink them when it's not cold out). I tried a new mocha cocoa today, it's amazing! I do also enjoy some pumpkin flavored things (pumpkin pie is the best and I will fite you if you say otherwise), but it goes a bit too far sometimes... Oh, and Halloween is kool, even if I am a social recluse and never get to participate in any activities.

As for winter, I love the cold, so it's the ideal season for me in that regard. That said, I'm not a fan of snow and ice in the least since I have to drive in the stuff no matter the conditions, there's no calling off because of weather. The last 4 or 5 years I've really been feeling the Christmas spirit too, when before I used to hate it. I am not thrilled that this year I'm already seeing Christmas stuff right next to Halloween stuff and in one such case there was very little of the latter hidden behind the former... Way too soon yo. >:|

Spring, my second favorite season, has a few nice things too. It's just starting to warm up then, so it's got the same niceness as Fall with added rainy days, which is why it gets second place for me. In March we also get the shamrock shake from McDonalds which is fookin' amazin'.

Summer can fuck off. >:v 2 hot 2 humid

How about you?
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In the northeastern litoral not much changes among the seasons, except maybe our winter gets to be more of a rainy period with stronger winds.

When I lived in the semi-arid, winter was cooler and June is a very important month for the folk traditions. To me it basically meant going outside at night and playing around the bonfire set in front of our house (as most houses do) while shooting fire thingamajiggies with other peeps, and eating barbecued meat.



Roasting marshmallows around a summer campfire




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Being able to go on long walks in the winter. Here in Florida, the summer heat is absolutely unbearable. (Then again, sometimes the winters are warm too. It's awful.)


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I love exploring abandoned things / old graveyards in October. It's so much fun and you get to see some interesting things.

I also love going on a baking spree in November and December.

I just can't get enough of making surplus cookies, pies and cakes for everyone.

Also winter camping but not many people like that.


I love exploring abandoned things / old graveyards in October. It's so much fun and you get to see some interesting things.

I've always wanted to go do that, but I'm a social recluse who doesn't like to go anywhere alone, so needless to say I don't get to go do spoopy things. ;-; Once when I was a teen and lived with a friend there was an abandoned house near her that a family friend owned, it was pretty beat up and kinda dangerous to be in, but we explored it anyways one day when her grandpa was taking care of the horses that lived on the property. Nothing interesting in it though, just a few dead bats, birds, and various rodents.


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I love winter snowstorms. We don't get them that often here in Memphis, but one time, I put my fursuit on and went on a walkabout in a driving snowstorm. My suit didn't collect any snow at all, which I thought strange, but was thankful for.


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Spring: I like spring, it’s not too hot and the feeling of warmth after a cold winter is the best thing ever! I love easter and always have a blast with family during this holiday.

Summer: Summer can be nice but I really hate the heat sometimes, overall I kinda prefer spring.

Fall: Fall is alright, I love halloween but the weather gets kinda dank around this time in Sweden.

Winter: Winter is my favorite season! I love christmas and new years eve so much! I love the cold weather where you can cozy up and drink warm beverages. And I fecking love snow so much!


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I know I'm in the minority here, but I love the summer heat. It's the only season where I don't feel like I'm going to die of hypothermia.

Not really big on any of the other seasons, especially winter.


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I like the first cool day we get in fall, when fall finally decides to actually show up a month or two late.

Winter is my favorite season. I like the cold air, and no hazy nights makes it real nice to look at the stars at night.
Spring: The birds' spring migration is the best time to go birding.

Summer: Going to the beach.

Fall: Halloween. The last 3 years at least we haven't really had much in the way of color changing leaves. It went from green to brown to bare.

Winter: Before a few weeks ago, I'd say I hate the winter, but apparently its when the red-breasted mergansers will be migrating to my area, and I hope to see them for the first time this winter.


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For some reason I love the feeling of there being a crap ton of snow outside and not having to care about it cause I'm inside. Also, autumn brings this smell in the air constantly lingering that reminds me of my childhood.