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Favorite Show/Movie/Episode

Hey guys, bored.
so whats your favorite TV show? Episode or movie??

I like a lot of diffident shows, The amazing world of Gumball, Criminal Minds, Gotham. just to name a few.
Favorite movie? well obviously zootopia. lol and honestly idk.


One of my favorite movies from my teenaged youth was called Heavy Metal. The plot made very little sense whatsoever, but it had a kickass soundtrack, boobs, action, demons, zombies, and frequent substance references and that's what made the movie for me. Now, I still like it out of nostalgia value and the soundtrack, but I wouldn't call it my favorite movie anymore. Here's an awesome sequence from it though.


Anyone ever see "The Fly"? I always geek out laughing when the guy smashes his shrunken friend with a rock to save him from being eaten by a spider


Definitely not a lizard
Favorite movie(s):
The Lord of The Rings
The Matrix(numero uno)
Favorite tv shows:
The X-Files
Doctor Who
I kinda hesitate of putting Fringe here. There are some episodes that I really enjoyed, but I feel like overall the series wasn't so great.


Favorite TV shows: Lie To Me was good, got canceled.
Revolution was good, got canceled.
Loved all the CSI shows, but got boring.


Minogue be my furname, hello!
Ok, this might be strange, so favorite show is Star Trek Voyager, and favorite episode is called Extreme Risk. It kinda sums up my mood for the past few years and I really REALLY connect with the episode.


Fighter of the Nightman
Here is an old one that I really love and want to see again. "Papillon"


Fighter of the Nightman
It's a hard one to find. And I just found out that was Dustin Hoffman in that movie. He did such a great job and make up did such a good job. He looked sooo old and beaten down.