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Favorite songs of summer

Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
Not sure, really. I haven't been a huge music listener for a long time. Only really got into it start of last year, really. But Sumemr '09 was my Lily Allen phase, and Kate Nash, too. That kind of scene. Was in Greece when I was listening to this stuff most. Listened to Pokerface for eight hours.

Favourites were:

[yt]MGL5EtYGGDM[/yt] [yt]7Zdi2IF5ezw[/yt]

Muse soon followed.

This summer, I wonder what's going to be my kind of thing. Holidays don't start until July, here, so it'll be a while before I can tell, I guess.


The Artist Formerly Known as Jesusfish

This was my summer, about 2 years ago.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.


Sommartider (Summer times) by Gyllene Tider.





You could have had an I6
and skip to 2:24 in this next great song for some girls in sexy bikinis