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Favorite Video Game Intros

I've shared this in another thread before. But this footage from 1993 of this cancelled game really does capture my mind.
It's clear what the intro is here, but there's no video of it isolated.
The music is what really whisks me away. I wish I could play this, truly.



Was gonna post the FF6 intro myself, haha. Such a great game all around.

I really enjoyed the Pokemon Crystal intro. The cinematic is very short, but so mysterious, and Suicune is the bestest boyo. I watched it way too much.

Sticking with the nostalgic titles, here's Dragon Warrior 3. A longer intro with a big setup for the story, and you even get to hear one of the best fight songs ever.


uh I can explain?
Everyone seems to be posting older intros, so here's something newer from a game I should really start playing again.


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Think about this one a lot

edit: i forgot about this one


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Halo Reach

Mass Effect 3 had a good intro with one of the saddest moments I can recall from a game intro
This was the bomb back in the day.



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All of the Fallout intros really capture their atmosphere and tell you what you need to know, Fallout 1 really stands out for me:

If we're talking opening cinematics, I love a lot of the openings from the Final Fantasy series, but nothing beats FF12's:



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I used to watch this opening ALL the time.
I would boot up the game just to watch the opening. I loved the song so much and I loved the animation.
I still greatly enjoy the song.
Used to drive my brother absolutely nuts.


I used to watch these ad nauseam. I found myself doing the same when pulling them up to put them here..