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Favorite video game moments (spoilers Welcome)


Pepmurrmint Fox
Like the tittle says what is your favorite moment/ moments in video games it could be anything from single player to multiplayer moment's or big ones triple A game's or Indies funny or sad it doesn't matter just post them.

I've got two right now first one is fighting liquid ocelot on top of outer haven in the end of metal gear solid such an awesome end to an awesome game it had so much the visuals the music just awesome.
Second one would have to be when you find the giraffes in The last of us after fighting or sneaking around infected or hunters trying not to die thru the entire game it was pretty awesome just to stand there and watch a herd of giraffes walking thru a city being taken over by nature


PiratePiratePiratePirateP irate
The credits scene from metal gear solid 3. Those who missed the credits missed the real ending.


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
In Skyrim I shot an elk right up the arse with an ice shard.

I was laughing for hours, but unfortunately I didn't screenshot properly.


I'm happy.
- Skyrim; when I turned into a werewolf for the first time and I just fucked things up.
- Oblivion; I killed a deer with fire and when it died the body spazzed out. The legs like, stretched really far out and were flinging everywhere. I almost died laughing.
- TF2; playing as a medic and got #1 MVP without killing anybody.
- TF2; when I was just starting to play and I finally dominated somebody. Felt great.
- TF2; after I kept dying as Pyro I played as Rage Heavy. Felt great.
- Okami; beating the game and watching the credits.
- Okami; beating the shit out of Waka

I have a lot ​more favorite game moments, but I can't think of them all right now. Just woke up

[e] If you weren't playing the game, does it still count? Whatever

My two cousins were playing Skyrim. The older cousin was playing for a while, and then she let her brother play. She left for a while, and when she came back her brother was being chased by every guard in Riverwood. When she asked what happened, her brother yelled "I KILLED THE CHICKEN!!!!!"
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you are me, and i am you
metro: last light

the battle with pavel and you getting to choose whether to let him suffer or save him
even know i hated his guts most of the game and promised myself i would kill him the first chance i got, the moment i saw what was being done to him i chose to save him then and there


Thrashing About
Derailing the supply train into the enemy base on Macbeth in Star Fox 64. The 100+ explosions in tandem with the yelling of the conductor always puts a smile on my face.


Mr. Prickles
One moment I enjoyed was in Megaman Legends 2 when Megaman Volnutt's past is revealed to him on Elysium.

Another would be in Xenogears when Fei Fong Wong comes to find out that he is the Slayer of God and that he has a split personality.

Shadow Jaeger

set phasers to thrust
Crying when lee died in the walking dead season1 game....my god....lee RIP :(


Oh boy it's a deer
The final battle against Eggman on Sonic 2, just epic! And the Pokèmon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky finale too (and also its last special episode).

Alastair Snowpaw

The Skull Paw
dark souls and the whole thing with Gwynevere.
since this is a spoilers thread I will explain it all in detail and why it's super amazing.

Once you reach anor londo with it's beautiful sunset backdrop and nice castles and beat ornstien and smough, you meet gwynevere who is a lord and daughter of Gwyn (creator of the first flame and started the age of light). She is a lord like him and that means she's basically a giant human. When you get to her it is proof you are the choosen undead and she gives you the lordvessel so you can go on your quest to get the 4 great lord souls. So she is important guide for you and a beacon of hope for the chosen undead and rekindling the first flame.

However she's just an illusion and if you shoot her with an arrow she goes away and so does all of the sunlight in anor londo revealing that it was all just an illusion to make poeple think anor londo was doing better than it actually is. It was all an illusion put together by gwyndolin, the sun of gwyn who stayed to rule anor londo when all the other lords abandoned it and that there is not much of anything actually left. This is all to deceive the undead and make them rekindle the first flame. There are lots of ways you are being manipulated in this game by the major forces and this one is one of the big reveals of it.

This is so amazing because in dark souls you get punished super hard for trying to attack NPCs and get fucked royally for it. So by the time you get to anor londo and meet gwynevere you wouldn't dare to attack her because you know it tends to lead to bad consequences. So the game used it's gameplay elements of not attacking npcs to make the story elements of you being manipulated stronger and even more real since you are actually being manipulated to not attack her and get rid of this illusion of false hope. this is one of the best ways in any game that both elements have been combined so well in any game, and i'm really sorry to anyone who hasn't played dark souls and read this since this is like the only spoiler that matters and getting spoiled makes it lose so much of an impact.


"Would you kindly?" from first Bioshock. I literally gasped when I realised, what was going on all that time.


The death of Ganon in Ocarina of Time. The entire fight, which takes several phases is the most epic in the Zelda series.


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now that I'm reminded, my favorite gaming moment might actually be from majora's mask. I remember the last hours of the final day, the music would play, and everything would seem like it was actually going to end, so I'd walk around the town, and it gave me this feeling like I'd be experiencing this for the last time. it's a sad memory, but it was one of the first times I remember genuinely appreciating a video game by taking the time to wander around the game world.

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Majora's Mask is absolute shit.

Why would anyone think it was a good idea to put a underwhelming amount of four dungeons and dump a lot sidequests (Which Zelda sidequests were never good in the first place)to make the game longer?
but I'll wait for the -you-know-it's-gonna-happen- remake.
Enjoy waiting for never
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Then again, Impact doesn't like any Zelda games. So his opinion on Majora's Mask really means nothing.

Imperial Impact

The Imperial Juicer
Then again, Impact doesn't like any Zelda games. So his opinion on Majora's Mask really means nothing.
What is Zelda 1?
What is OoT?
What is AlttP?
What is AlbW?
What is OoS?
What is WW?
What is OoA?
What is ST?


The Last of Us.
Saw the enemy team catching a control point in Destiny through a window, they saw me and we just stared at each other cause we couldnt shoot, gave them a little wave animation then went round the corner and did a shock wave blast killing all 4 of them, then proceeded to dance on their graves ^_^


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maybe it's that impact complains so much about even the things he likes, so no one ever knows what he likes and what he hates.

his obvious love for me being an exception.


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The top thing that would ALWAYS get my britches to spontaneously combust would have to be the battle theme from Skies of Arcadia.

Cause fuck pirates that sails and fights in the sea, I wanna fucking fight and sail in THE AIR