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Favorite weapon in a game


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Whats yours?

Mine is the BFG


The Little Old Lady from Worms 3D


Heheh... Butterfly Knife from Team Fortress 2

Backstabbing a Heavy is just oh so fun >:D


Probably Dawnfang/Duskfang from Shivering Isles. Although I can't say no to the Fatman in FO3 or the Pimpcane Gun in Saints Row 2 either.

Jango The Blue Fox

jango the blue fox
flak cannon UT
magnum half-life 1&2
dawnfang/duskfang shivering isles
merv fatman fallout 3
chainsaw way to many games to list
(there might be more but if so i can't remember them now)


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The Crowbar of the Half-life sereis.
me and a few friends have figured out, it was one crowbar for the whole game, here i shall explain. you first pick up the crowbar and go on a wonderful adventure killing many. then you are captured and the crowbar falls in the compactor with you. you get it and continue, well you leave it at Black Mesa and Barney gets it. well HL2 Barney gives it to you and the adventure continues. it isnt destroyed in the Citidel though, it is transported elsewhere where it beats the ever loving shit out of the reactor. now when the Citidel has that "problem" at the end of HL2 the crowbar is sent flting out and jams into a bridge holding it up. HL2 Ep1 begins you get it and when the train gose, bam its flung into an elevator and breaks the support and richochets into the gear and holds it up. fear The Crowbar.


RCP-90 (preferably x2)
Altair's Hidden Blade
Swarm Plasmid
Pretty much any sniper rifle in any game.
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NHL 11...you don't understand.
Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed.

Or the dildo from GTA: San Andreas.


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any shooter I play I always got to use the sniper.

Also love the torque bow in GoW.


Rail Gun and .50 Cal in MGS4

Hammer of Dawn in GeoW

The flag or sledgehammer in Red Faction:Guerilla


CS:S Dualies, bullpup and the saw. (pardon my mis spelling on everything I just woke up a lil bit ago x.x) I have a saying every time I pick up a machine gun... "The sheer amount of bullets I put out is greater than the position of your head at any given moment in time" :D
L4D: Dual pistols.
UT3: Minigun. though flack cannon is nice.

Rule for FPS. For the most part, if it puts out lots and lots of bullets in a short ammount of time. I likes. >3

In any sword and spell type of game... Always take a sword over any other type of weapons... I'm biased. I just love swords.


Hamburger time.
Rose of Sithis - Oblivion

As long as the target is unarmored, it dies instantly.

Umbra is pretty cool too.


that big, blue, scaly guy.
Soul Calibur (2-P) from SCIV
Laser watch from Goldeneye
Incinerate! and Winter Blast plasmids


UT series bio rifle. (Who doesn't love the green goo?!?)
Quake 3 railgun/UT series sniper rifles.
UT99 minigun.
Any UT series shock rifle. (Try something from our combo menu) :p
Any sword. Like Dranslin, I have a love of swords and swordsmanship.


Oh, I also forgot to mention:

HL2 Series: Gravity Gun + Saw Blade


Now with more Writer's Block!
The Little Old Lady from Worms 3D
My favorites (from Armageddeon) are the Holy Hand Grenade and the Bananna Bomb. Never before has fruit been so explosive...
The Crowbar of the Half-life sereis.
The crowbar is the most enduring weapon of all time. No gun-wielding physicist should be without one ^_^
Or the dildo from GTA: San Andreas.
o.0 Seriously? Wow. I finally have a reason to finish the game...
CS:S Dualies, bullpup and the saw.
Really? The elites, the Famas, and the M249? Those are the weapons I like the least. For CT play, give me the M4 w/silencer and the p228. Or the P90/Desert Eagle. I don't do T.

Outside of those games, I'd say the battle rifle from the Halo series, the Shishkabob from fallout 3 for originality, and the secondary mode of the Phaser Rifle in Elite Force (remember that one?)

And it doesn't really count as a weapon, but the gravity gun and portal gun. ^_^


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The Jacks from American McGee's Alice. I knew they were painful to step on and could easily be some kind of odd thing to throw but...hoooooleeee crap are those things powerful. I found myself using mostly those for the rest of the game.