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Favorite weather


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Snowy and rainy are the best weathers ever. Foggy can be good too, specially when you feel weird :D


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I love when it rains, but not when its wet. By that I mean when its going to be wet, I want it to be raining HEAVILY, I don't want to just look outside and see that everything has been soaked.


Snow and specific kinds of rain.
Definitely little sun, cool temperatures and no humidity. I'm no fan of wind or fog either.


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cold and raining :3


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My favorite weather is blue skies with enough clouds for it to no bee too bright and the sun wash out the sky. Also, it should be just cool enough so you can feel the air :3


Bit cloudly, not too sunny, somewhat around 25°C with a cool wind blowing <3
I do like (very) windy days, rain and thunderstorms too, especially those really heavy thunderstorms with tornados fascinate me. But sadly, there are no such thunderstorms around here.


Cold, clear winter nights with a lot of snow on the ground. :D


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About 80F-85F, medium cool breeze, partly cloudy with either cirrostratus or cirrus clouds.

At night, maybe about 60F-70F with a small breeze and a clear sky. Love stars.


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love fresh rains (no fake smell can compare) and thunderstorms are exciting

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I've noticed a clear trend here: most posters here actually prefer non-sunny/clear weathers, with a strong preference for heavy rains.


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sun = heat + blindness


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Hm...anything is fine for me. I normally adapt to wherever I am in a day or two. Although, I'd prefer the weather to be below 30, with a little light snow or rain.

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Mmm mmm good.
Fall. Overcast, rain, when you can smell the fire places, and you don't care to do anything other than sit back, sip fine hot chocolate (cause the cheap shit is just blah), and read a good book. It's also one of the two seasons out of the year I don't have to explain why I'm anti-social. :)

Oh yeah, and heavy weather...something about thunder and lightning just makes me happier than a clam.
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im His kitty cat
Love the sound of torrential rain, man.
and hail... hearing stones like those fall roks, despite the damage inflicting