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Favourite accents?


Russian accents are my favorite to imitate.

I also like Southern English and Irish accents as well.

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I like scottish, british and australian the most.
German is cool too.


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Afrikaans is a great language but it's when we try to speak english that it sounds dumb.

It must get better with practice then, I've met some decent South African blokes who spoke pretty good English.


I'm very fond of the Mid-Atlantic (Transatlantic) accent. I wish I could get that accent - is an acquired accent after all - but I have absolutely no vocal range so it's a near impossibility.


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Ugandan women. My friend does the best impression. cracks me up every time.


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My friend that lives in the UK has a cute accent, or maybe she has a cute voice. I dunno but american southern accents are my favorite. Went to Alabama once, friend said hi in her moderate accent and I melted <3

I could listen to the southern accent forever....or till it gets annoying. like Jamaicans....no mon, I don't want a dime of weed!

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Hand. Cannot. Erase.
It saddens me.
Then again people enjoy stupidity so, there you go.
It's not the stupidity people like in this case. It's the overall way they talk.
I like southern accent, but not because it is associated with dumbness


I, like, love the Californian Valley accent honestly! In fact any west coast accent, everything between BC and San Diego

What counts as a British accent? Do Scottish and Welsh count too, cus they're British by definition