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Favourite Animal?


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Just curious, but what're everyone's favourite animals? If you can't pick just one, do a top three! They could be any animal, real or mythical or a sona species! I'll go first:
1.) Snow leopard
2.) Marble fox
3.) Dragons

They're all so cute and dragons are just awesome!

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I can't pick just one, so...

1. Jaguar, when it comes to felines.
2. Capuchin monkeys, when it comes to primates - I like all of them, but capuchins are my favorite.
3. Great white shark, when it comes to marine life.


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Wolves, cats and arctic foxes, actually.

No, just because I am Norwegian it doesn't mean I particularly favour the arctic fox. Or do I? :3
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Tricky tricky, I'll stick purely with real animals but it is tough to narrow it down to 3.

1. Iguanas, most of all the Andros Island Rock Iguana. Been lucky enough to work with them in the field as well as all Galapagos iguanas and several other species.

2. Sharks of course. Got a special attachment to Tiger sharks and one in particular from Fiji

3. Tie between Toads and Chameleons, both for being so oddly adorably and funny. The chameleons are high maintenance pets but real characters.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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obsessed with goats.

however i only find humans attractive despite the fanart my oc has been in.


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1. Raccoon. They are clever, cute, dexterous, adaptable... What's not to love?
2. Canines. These count as one, right? I like most canines. Coyotes, wolves, jackals, raccoon dogs, foxes, African wild dogs - roughly in that order.
3. Cat. Mostly as ordinary four-legged animals, not quite as much when anthropomorphic.

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Anything cat, octopuses, and betta fish
I loved my beta fish before the little guy passed on. It felt good being able to provide that nurturing care to something so small and defenseless.

I'm going to adopt another one again sometime soon.
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Sam Akuchin Wamm

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Stingrays are my favourite!
And also dwarf hamsters... Hard to choose...
swam with stingrays before but they said i have to not go as often now because all the rays kept swimming up to me instead of everyone else.