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Favourite Animal?

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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I had a female betta fish. They are so full of personality and are able to learn tricks. Fish in general are a lot more interesting pets than most people think!
fish are definitely facinating though bettas are just boring to me.

a friend of mine had koi carp that he trained to do tricks like you said.

i found most rayfin family fish to be kinda similar though even though i'm fond of cowfish and their relative the fugu.

some perch are scary intelligent though and can solve quite complex puzzles.

sharks really get a terrible reputation all things considered. they are way less dangerous than a lot of other sea creatures like seals and dolphins.

friend of mine had a pet shark, a little one, and i used to play in the tank with them.

they never bothered me. bit the guy that owned them though so it's fair to say she was a good judge of character.


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Cheetahs, Thresher Sharks, Dimetrodon ❤❤

Bonus- favorite cryptids; Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, aaand all the others. All my babies


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- Pretty much any bird
- Horses (especially mythological ones)
- I don't know, deer maybe?


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Probably prehensile-tailed porcupines. They are so adorable with their big noses and beautiful blue quills.
Favorite creature real or fictional: dragons (as you can probably see XD)

Favorite real life creature: foxes (especially red foxes and all their color variants)


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Foxes are bloody adorible espcialy baby ones
Dolphins are also adorible... and quite friendly
Dragons are sick... i wish i can ride on one

Practical, badass and would shrug off sniper rounds