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Favourite Candy?


Dark Chocolate: 60% to 85% Cocoa. The higher cocoa content allows for a chocolate that can be bitten off in small pieces and enjoyed as it slowly dissolves on the tongue.


I mixed Skittles and M&Ms in a bowl once and had trouble eating them in separate bites. They taste terrible together. In retrospect, I have no idea why I did it other than that I had both and wanted both but only wanted one container.

Yeah I tried that once too...Its pretty disguisting to eat them together :shock:


:3 i luv you
anything with nuts and carmell :3 and nuuget is good too


:3 i luv you
Cover that in chocolate and you get Snickers.
YOUR RIGHT!!! and payday is good too
also if u are into Ventrillo come check out my thread i'm trying to more ppls in my vent :3


Choclate biscuits of any kind, and caremel, and toffee, and chocolate,and jelly beans and creme eggs, oh god yes creme eggs, and double deckers.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.
I used to like Sour Warheads. Can't find them anywhere up here though.

Warheads are amazing, I can find them few and far between around here.


Oh, oh! Hazelnut chocolate. <3

Why I even have a boyfriend when this chocolate exists, I do not know.


Hot sammiches and cold beer.

Catilda Lily

May all your bacon burn.
war heads


Rocket to your face.
Ritter Sport hazelnut chocolate. It is the best damn chocolate I have ever had in my life. The bad thing is since it is made in Germany it isn't the easiest to find here in the states. I found it at a worlds market store. I now feel like American chocolates are a ripoff.

Plus, happy cola gummies are also quite good. Just chewy as all hell >.<


Admurrable Admurral
Those five cent grapefruit blue and pink pop bottles!
I love those things, they are delicious,
I also like grapefruit jelly beans, -nom nom nom-