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Favourite Christmas Movie?


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does anyone else feel like it's not really a christmas movie unless it's actually about christmas itself rather than being set at christmas.

i mean, when you think about it Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol and even Miracle on 34th Street aren't really about Christmas and kinda just use the holiday as a way to shoehorn their way into a buying frenzy to insure sales.

And yes of course I've read the original Christmas Carol but what you don't get is that ghost stories were kinda Charles Dickens' thing and basically A Christmas Carol is no different to any of his other stories other than being physically set AT Christmas.

These just all kinda prove we're gullible to tradition instigated by a marketting machine.

Saying that, if you want a movie that really "gets" Christmas then probably a really good example is Santa Claus The Movie.

Not oly is Christmas the main focus of the plot, it's cliche and chintsy and bright just like the holiday and it doesn't focus solely on an origin story but actually combats the idea of the holiday actually BEING a marketting frenzy ironically.

those are just my bits. i dunno.
A lot of what we consider classic Christmas movies in the states actually got that way because of copyright loopholes. For example, It's a Wonderful Life lapsed into public domain in 1974 after someone forgot to renew the copyright, allowing tv stations to run it over and over without paying a single cent for the pleasure. After that, it was just a matter of exposure. I have a warm place in my heart for the film since my dad and I watch it religiously every year, but looking at it you can see why it failed at the box office when it originally came out. It's the associations that make these movies classics, not exactly their quality.

Nexus Cabler

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This film is certainly in my top 10 for the genre; dark, yet refreshing in its way:

I watched this years ago, then showed it to my family. It's indeed dark, but entertaining. It reminds me of a combination of Santa and Krampus.

I'm glad you reminded me of this movie. I recommend everyone who's not afraid to get scared a little to watch it.


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For laughs, "Christmas Vacation."

For just enjoying, "One Magic Christmas." It came out in the 80s and I remember seeing it in the theater as a kid. Mary Steenbergen and Harry Dean Stanton were in it, and I loved the Santa Claus. HE wasn't the over the top "ho ho ho" guy, just a really sweet, gentle old man.


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It is lovely and happy day and celebrate among our family and friends. I take to spent few time to watch comedy and inspiring on this day.


I think my favorites are, Home Alone 1-2, A Christmas Story(I remember my brother showing it to my family and I when it was just STARTING to take off in popularity. SO MANY GOOD QUOTES.), A Muppet's Christmas Carol(This was a staple in our house when I was younger.), The Live Action Grinch. (Because admittedly it makes me giggle. Plus I have good memories watching it with my siblings.) But. if I have to pick a personal fave, that I love for story and characters. It's Rise of the Guardians. I LOVE all the characters, and storyline, plus designs for them are pretty nifty. It's just a shame it didn't do too well at the Box Office from what I know. Hence why we don't have a sequel. But to be honest. I can live without a sequel. It stands pretty well on it's own.