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Terminator 2
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)


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I have a lot of like, classic faves but here are some that I just love rewatching a lot!


HOUSE (1977) Just a super insane acid-trip movie about some carefree girls visiting their friend's aunt's wild supernatural house in the countryside.

IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) Beautiful slow-burn movie about the development of ~forbidden love~ lol

PUNCH DRUNK LOVE (2002) My favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film! Artsy movie about a dude with anxiety trying to figure out his love life and life life.

AKIRA (1988) Classic animated sci-fi about dystopian Tokyo.

VIDEODROME (1983) My favorite Cronenberg movie about a weird TV station and conspiracy shit.


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I figure this thread would be a good idea to share some movies that we might like. I really like thrillers and story driven dramas. Here's a few I'd definitely suggest to you guys.


This one is about a fathers daughter and her friend who get kidnapped. The parents of the missing kids decide to take matters into their own hands, this movie easily became one of my favourites. easy to watch, it's violent, emotional, and tells a great story.


Jagten (The Hunt) is a Dutch film (if i remember right) about a school teacher who turns down a young childs kiss (For obvious reasons), the student then goes on to tell lies that she was sexually abused by him, the man becomes ostracized and hated for something he hasn't done and attempts to clear his name.
The movie also has subtitles for us English folk


Hardcore Henry (Hardcore in Canada) is a first person action thriller. I definitely reccomend watching this movie if you like things like parkour, fast action and good movies. The story is about a guy who wakes up with no memories, once he's awake he becomes targetted and under attack by a group


Night crawler is an interesting thriller about an unemployed guy who finds out people are making money by selling footage of crimes and criminal activities to news outlets and organizations. This inspires the main character to set up and stage these crime scenes in order to get a good shot, and sell it to the press.


The Rabbi's Cat (Le Chat Du Rabbin)
Couldn't find a picture the same size as the other ones, but keeping with the furry tradition, this is a French film (subtitled of course) about a cat who gains the ability to talk by eating a household parrot, after learning to talk he decides he wants to convert to judaism, it's an interesting animated film for more adult audiences and I think it was really well done. The animation style is nice and the film has this ambiguous, questionable attitude towards judaism and its religion

Those are five of my favourites I've seen in recent time, what about you guys?​
20190818_212736.jpg John carpenter's The Thing