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Feedback on fursuit plans?


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Nyello, I've recently decided to try building a fursuit of my fursona and need some feedback on my concepts! I've attempted to make 2 fursuits previously and both ended pretty disastrously (to be fair i was like 13) and they haven't been finished. Its now like 3 years or something later and its time for me to make another damn attempt because I never quit.

I assume the issues in my previous suits were from poor planning and little to no research but to be safe I want to get some feedback on the supplies I'm using, concepts, and other things, to make sure it turns out nicely!

In short; me was dumb baby attempted to make 2 suits failed miserably now me is older and slightly less dumb baby and is attempting for a 3rd time please give me some feedback n tips

So I have everything pretty much planned out at this point;

(The ears will have foam in them ignore that one note I forgot to remove it haha)
I'm making the head out of 1/2" and 3" inch foam using the bucket head method. I'm using fleece to fur the face, mouth, hands, and tail, and I'm using a short woolly faux fur to fur the back of the head and neck. I'm using a thin stretchy lycra to line inside the head. The eyes are going to be made with felt, plastic and mesh.

The tail will be fleece as well. The base of the tail will be glued to a piece of plastic and have elastic sewed onto it for attaching to a belt.

The hands are made out of fleece and mitten-like, so only 2 "fingers", and they will go up to slightly below my elbows.

That's about it, this is a mini partial so I'm only doing head, hands, and a tail. Hopefully, I didn't overwhelm anyone with all this information! I just really want this to turn out nicely~