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Feedback on Sky Kingdom


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You'll have to click download to read it...but here it is: www.furaffinity.net: Sky Kingdom by MauEvigEternalCat

Having quite a bit of writer's block here. What I'm looking for is feedback more than anything, please tell me what you like about it and what you think needs to be worked on the most. This is the story I'm hoping to get published one day so I'm looking to see if it's something people would actually want to read, and if not what I could do to make it something people would want to read. I've already had it torn apart several times so I'm not planning to change much as far as plot or characters go at this point. I just need help more than anything with getting past the writer's block and if you can offer suggestions for that, I'd be grateful.

And if you say something specific, like narrative, please give examples of how I could write it better. I've been trying to get better at descriptions, but I am aware there are still some areas that need to be described more.