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Feeling a little underappreciated?



I'm sure a lot of people feel this way, and I'm also sure no one needs to hear this, but I hate just watching it happen.

I consider myself a somewhat decent artist. I've been drawing animals and scenery since I was 10, and I've even won a few regional art competitions.

But it seems like the only things anyone ever notices about my art is that one little mistake I've made, and for some reason it's the only thing people point out.

I'll give you an example: I posted what I consider my favourite piece of art to all of my art pages, and got no favourites. I got 2 comments over 7 sites, one stating the absence of dimension in the neck, and the other simply saying I should invest in a scanner.

Like, what the hell!?

And when I advertise, it's worse! My cousin is pretty well known in the Warriors art community and has commissioned, collab'd, even streamed with me to advertise my own art. All sorts of people will be all over the ad, but hardly anyone will ever come and actually check me out. I have a whopping total of 7 subscribers on FA, my main and most up-to-date art page, and 3 of them follow me simply because they know me from here.

And this is not just me ranting about my first-world problems. Art is just a hobby for me; I'm not really affected by this sort of thing besides the occasional wanting to punch a hole in the wall and cuss out my cockatoo. But there are really good artists out there, who rely on their art to pay bills, who STILL never get the attention they should be getting.

So this is probably already a page, but if you feel your creativity is being wasted, post your page here along with some examples of what you do. Come here to look for a new favourite artist/writer/songwriter/whatever else people do, I don't care, just let's please try to reduce underappreciation in the Furry community.

My FA: Userpage of Oakie-Dokie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
I do mostly sketches and poetry, mixed with a little bit of digital art, novels, and memes ( :p ).

What do y'all do?


Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
I really like your art style, I don't see a lot of cartoony art on FA :eek:

Anyway, I draw almost exclusively digital art, usually flat-colored stuff but I shade it when I feel like it. I have a very cutesy, cartoony style with soft shading, and I find myself mostly drawing cats. I mean, someone has to even out the canines : felines ratio in the furry fandom, right?

Here is my FA page but I post most of my art on my Toyhou.se. I think you already followed me though.

I also write a lot, but I mostly keep those among my friends.


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What do y'all do?
I've found the best way to get attention is just to never stop improving. Sure you won a few art competitions, you've been drawing a while, but really what people tend to appreciate is a drive towards self improvement. Study from photos, study from life, and be open to learning new techniques. The people pointing out the flaws in your work like the lack of dimension in the neck are not trying to get you down I think, it's probably just critique! And critique is just simple advice to help you grow and develop your work.

If you take the critique as advice, and keep working towards improving your work, people will notice and you will start gaining interest and maybe take a few clients. Though if you want to take the super fast, easy route... Just copy the styles of a few popufurs and you'll be set.

Outside of that, I also make sure I'm pretty well spread out over the internet and have multiple galleries to gain some followers from different sites.

Forgot to add:
My galleries are in my signature if you want to see my work.
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Oh, hi! I think you were the one that made the Doodles and Sketches thread? I really enjoyed that thread a lot and wish more people posted in there...
Anyways, I think you and I have the same problem of pretty much drawing things we like (original works) and people ignoring it because it's not Fan Art or something for people to flock to.
I do have some comments about your gallery, and about what people told you, but I don't want to derail this thread (if you want to know, you are welcome to PM me).

As for me: I like drawing animals (realistic ones is my strongest skill I think...), though I want to draw some fursonas and other animal characters some time. My main thing is pretty much anime-styled kemomomimi sexy boys. Especially unicorn boys, which I like drawing but... I'm afraid of drawing that too much because people might get annoyed with it?
I'm still not good with digital art since it actually makes me tired from staring at the screen so much (but because everyone is doing it, I kind of feel like I have to join the bandwagon). I mostly like doing traditional art but since it's been a while, I only have pencil sketches...
I can't draw fan art really for some odd reason... though, if I did I wouldn't post it or just lock it due to the art posters and art thieves all over the place.

My FA Page is here as well as being on twitter and tumblr but honestly... I'm thinking about not posting anymore or possibly take down my account, since I recently had a bad mental breakdown pertaining to my worth as an artist, as well as my art and my skills that I just feel like it's not worth showing off my stuff anymore...


Aw man I love your stuff! I totally feel you on the comments thing, even after having an account on stuff like DeviantArt and Tumblr for years it’s still like a light peppering of favorites with a comment every 100 years. .-.

Admittedly I really don’t do a whole lot of furry art but I’m a lot more active on my art Instagram than anything else. (oops)

It’s a weird mix of weirdly specific band art, kids cartoons I yell about and my dumb OCs.

Benzie (@quietinthepeanutgallery) • Instagram photos and videos


I have no idea how people get recognized lmao, I bet nsfw and fanarts help a lot

But I get ya with comments, the best possible thing is when you get constructive criticism and encouragement in pretty much the same amount, and it's not that simple unfortunately... Not to mention how discouraging is lack of comments at all :v

I have two regular commenters on dA and they both drop detailed critiques AND say what they like about the picture, and this alone can make you satisfied. My brother on the other hand always says what's wrong with the picture and it just makes me sad. I tried to tell him that but it didn't work, still if you have regulars that drop mean comments under your art you can point out how that makes you feel.

Of course it would be nice to get more than two comments per picture, but in my case it's probably a fault of lacking fanart and uploading stuff rarely. Feel free to drop by though Furaffinity DeviantArt


@Oakie-Dokie do you plan to improve from there?
definitely! My most recent improvement (or what I like to call one) is the development of my cat characters. They started off like this:
Oakwhisker OC by Oakwhisker.jpg

to this:

to this:

although I guess they're all pretty unrealistic :p oof


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You haven't been long on FA. Give it some time, keep creating and you'll get more followers! Just be patient. ;)

I like your Warrior OCs! I also enjoy drawing feral characters. My lions are highly inspired by The Lion King, as I'm a big fan. ^^ I also like to draw feral wolves, foxes and cats. I do mostly digital art.

Artwork Gallery for Nyashia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net



Drawing seriously since 2013
From my experience, it's fanart that gets you attention, as my Bowser art is the only art that gets at least 50 likes on Twitter.

Even offering requests and art raffles brings some eyes to you, regardless of others dislike of requests.

Looking at your art, it's not that bad, but as has been said, people like improvement.

no no

Aye Aye Artist
I'm still very new to the site, and in that state where fanart and the occasional raffle are the only things that can get me any attention (anyone know of some popular furry fandoms besides Spyro and HTTYD?). I really need to get some commissions before my harddrive gives in on me - the frustrating part is that I don't need much money to get a relatively cheap harddrive, it's the complete lack of commissions that is the issue. I'm also hoping to do a raffle when I hit or get near 1000 page views, but... I'm sort of struggling to get there, lol.

Here's my page, I guess. My stuff is all digital, but it runs the gamut from more painted things to really toony/inked things. I improve very fast, if you check out my gallery you'll see that - just look at the images depicting fur, and you'll see I've been studying~

I'm gonna watch all of you guys!


Zeethian the Dragon

Rauj Zeethian
You're in the same boat as me when it comes to stuff like that. But I do a lot of dragon head art. I'm with you when you say people aren't getting the attention they deserve for making great art because I'm not getting that either. Yes there are indeed tons of great artists out there who deserve way more than what they are getting which makes me sad. I sometimes do free request for those that like my dragons and I let them practice aswell. I'll give you a watch Oakie-Dokie because I understand how you're feeling and your art is to my liking. Here's my page Userpage of Zeethian -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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Curious wolf
everyones art is so good here, i dont get why they arent getting more likes. but then theres my gallery: Userpage of tamara5900 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
i like to draw things that are different from the norm as you can see. i just cant get shading, lighting and backgounds under the knee and drawing with a mouse isnt easy. i really wanna do commisions one day, i saw artists who draw like 5 year olds and they have alot of likes. i dont get that to be honest. then artists like the people in this post barely get any? its a shame. i hope all of you get the recognition you deserve.


The happy one~
It really just depends on various things. But the more active the artist is, the better. If the artist just uploads art, it will vanish pretty quick, because there are serveral other images that get uploaded the same time. The people who give a like to these pieces, are just random members who are online the exact same moment it happens. But being active is a good way to get things rolling. If someone wants more comments for example, he just have to do the same thing and comment on other people's art. Not only that! The artist can be active everywhere and I'm not talking about annoying ads. Putting a link in the signature, help other people with their questions. Doesn't matter, really, just be active in some form.

What Kopatropa says is also true. Fan art tends to get more attention and likes. And why is that? Because people have a connection to that idea. If the artist creates something entirely new, no one knows about it of course. Other people and/or fans can build up connection to that thing over time, depending on what it is.

Almost everyone starts at zero. The more active the artist is and the more people can connect to the artist's idea, the more attention he will get.

There are also wrong ways to do it, of course. The artist could pretend to like an idea, just to get attention from the masses. It's good for the masses though, they have nothing to lose! But for the artist, he would've to create something he doesn't actually like. And that's the point where everyone has to decides for themselves. Does one artist prefer to draw the things he likes, or is he simply chasing after the fame and/or money? Some may be lucky to really like a popular idea! They can live out their true passion and can also achieve that other stuff. Otherwise...yeah, that one artist had to choose what he values the most. A new idea can have "success". Sometimes I see people who are super passionated about what they do and I can't help but just to like what they are doing! It could be the most crazy idea. :)


Curious wolf
thanks for the insight on this, i do really love and enjoy the art i make. i wont make art that i dont like or feel uncomfortable with. and likes and such arent mandatory, but it sometimes makes me think that others think my art is ugly or so. i am pretty insecure, so maybe that makes my thinking worse? i do hope i can do commsions one day, so i can make others happy too with some art of their sonas/anime characters they like. and also want to make it my job one day. im really grateful for the tips you gave me, ill try to be more active and see what happens. thank you^^


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I have a similar effect with my photography on Deviantart. I can take an amazing shot, photoshopped enhance it, and get maybe 1 or 2 likes.

Twitter is better. I do some on pinterest and other platforms. But yeah, sometimes.es it's a waiting game. But it is also a numbers game so the more out there you are, the better.

As for NSFW and fanart, that is true, to an extent.


The happy one~
Glad I could help with this! I'm also still learning a lot. :) The people here are so kind and you find lots of topics with useful tips.

It's really great that you enjoy your own stuff~! I saw many artists who didn't feel that way, experienced ones too!
i am pretty insecure, so maybe that makes my thinking worse?
Not necessarily. There are so many different tastes, there is always a person who likes or hates your art. That is normal.
Try to judge your own art objectively. Look for the things you don't like about them and work on those parts. Try to improve your next drawing there.

Doing commissions is another story though. There is lots of competition out there. And someone has to like you art, right? No one would commission you otherwise. In your case asking for critique and opinions is very important, I think. Doing this for a living would be even more difficult. I'm sure this would be a long road to go. You can be good, but you also have to work fast. You have to learn a lot, all the time. Your goal is to make others happy, whilst living your dream. That's fantastic! :) It will not be easy, but you can do it!


Curious wolf
ill keep an eye for small things i feel need to be better,and yeah, i can put in my profiel that friendly criticism and tips are welcome. its a good start. its good i dont have a job so i can practice alot. i just sometimes dont have inspiration, haha^^ yeah its would be a perfect goal, make others happy and myself. thanks for trusting in me becoming better *hug* im pretty shy so i barely ask anything or make a post, so its nice that when i do someone tries to help. social anxirty sucks but im glad that there are out there who care. ill do my best and see how it goes. giving up is not in my book^^


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I don't feel particularly under-appreciated, since I know I'm not active enough to deserve so many watchers. However, I did check out your page and your art isn't really giving me that same kinda Oomph impression that I would've expected from your description. I could say that one major factor to getting noticed is simply having that Holy Smokes level art, and I feel that you're still at a beginning level based on what I've seen around FA as a whole.


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I feel i am not terribly mediocre (art is mine) but this piece has a couple of comments and 100- views with 700 watchers, I don't know I can have the same NSFW art here and in hentai foundry and the difference is staggering like
FA: 50-100 views, 10-20 likes, mostly no comments
HF: 1K-5K views, many views, a few comments.
So I don't feel like posting as much anymore, don't know what i am doing wrong, is this a site issue of shrinking traffic, did people go somewhere else? is it me the problem?


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Curious wolf
its looks so good^^ cant believe you barely have any likes. ive seen art that a 4 year old can make and they get likes. i dont understand either, how a good artist like you doesnt get any? everything looks very good. i really like it.


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its looks so good^^ cant believe you barely have any likes. ive seen art that a 4 year old can make and they get likes. i dont understand either, how a good artist like you doesnt get any? everything looks very good. i really like it.

Thank you and I feel the same about so many other excellent artists, it's weird, I guess the worst case I've seen is two friends from japan, both animators, really chill dudes, one worked on miyazaki stuff, is well stablished, etc, the other worked on tenchi muyo, they post something 4, 5 likes on twitter, maybe 50 if it blows up, it's like WTF, look at their pedigree, both really nice people, it just I don't know it makes me lose hope.


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Curious wolf
i dont understand either, it seems like people keep wanting and more, that even great artists barely get any recognition.
its a shame, cause so many great artists give up cause they dont get any chance. miyazaki and tenchi muyo are BIG things, horrible that they dont get the recognition they deserve. i hope you get more likes and watchers too. even that one picture convinced me that you are a great artist^^


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That's every internet community/art community of any sort. Getting noticed is just extremely hard. There's a lot of people out there.

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