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Feeling disconnected with all my characters?


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No matter how many OCs I make or buy, I'm never satisfied in the end. I usually really like them for a short amount of time and then get disconnected. I can never pin it down as to why. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this?
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Frostbyte The Shark

Maybe do something with them to flesh them out? Like RP or write up a backstory? Something to make them more than just a picture or idea.


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Don't bother wanting to feel connected to them in the first place?

Flesh out the backstory/background. They may look nice, but if they are empty personality-wise, it's no wonder you may feel disconnected. Besides. It's not a problem if you feel disconnected. A Fursona optionally only represent you in the Furry fandom anyway. Personally I don't feel connected to my Fursona as he only represents me here in the fandom. Nothing more.

You can't buy connections. You make them.


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I'm in the "don't be connected" boat. Maybe make a shapeshifter so it's just a single OC that can be used in any situation. You might get attached to it simply because it's the same one each time and for no other reason. That to me seems like the best comprimise if you can't decide what it is about your characters that you aren't attached to.


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I've built a connection through all of my characters so far by focusing and developing each one one-at-a-time. I feel like you shouldn't overwhelm yourself by worrying about them as a whole because that's pretty stressful so my advice to you is to focus on each of them separately till you feel comfortable again :)


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I think RPing or writing stories for OCs helps me feel more connected to my OCs... however it doesn't always work, and you shouldn't worry about that. I mean it's not a big deal if you don't connect with them in some significant way. If you just think they look cool that's totally okay ^_^