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Female Avian character seeks male character for long-term romantic rp, 18+


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I'm looking for an RP partner who is willing to throw around plot ideas and stick around for what I'm hoping to be well fleshed-out story.
There will be romance, and hopefully conflict that will add depth to the story and the characters themselves.
There will be kinks involved, specifically the following: Size difference, cum inflation (only to the point where the female in the rp looks pregnant, no hyper), impregnation/pregnancy risk.

No rape in this RP, no gore, bathroom stuff, snuff of characters, digestive vore, no feral play

Setting: A rural town in the American midwest, modern setting. The primary location is the fictional town of Cedar Creek, and the domestic aspects take place in a country home several miles outside the town.

Please DM me if you're interested. I have a FurryPile account and I can set up a thread for us there
This is the character who I will be using
sta.sh: Ancona the Chicken