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Free Art: Female or female-presenting characters only!


Here's a post I made on FA that clarifies what I'm trying to do a little more.

I'd prefer to do an 18+ request because I need to work on female anatomy (can be artistic nude/non sexual). Comment on the journal or below with your ref (and what you're wanting) so I may consider! Only probably doing 1.


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think you could get this pretty kitty into some sexy lingerie on a giant bed with a red velvet blanket and a "come hither" pose?


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Lovely art. How about my opium dryad cat Intoxicant? She is a closed species I created called Triffidians. I don't yet have an image of the species private areas. I would love to have it drawn. It unfurls like the petals of her flower type that blossoms to show her love. ^^! Hope you will enjoy. She can also be depicted with vine entanglements taking advantage. Gallery


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Would love to see my girl Alita in some kind of lewd/ecchi cosplay. She is a gamer vixen.