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Fennec Says Hi!

Hey everyone! Great, another fox, eh? I've been a lurker on the forums for a couple days before I decided to get an account.

Lessee...I am a freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology. So far I've found two other furs there, one of which convinced me to make a page on FA. I'm working on my drawing (I've never taken a course, save for seventh grade) and you'll hopefully see some stuff on my page in a couple weeks. My username is the same as here.

Hobbies include 3D art and guitar (and other stuff like paintball, snowboarding...). My 3D is at my dA page (http://tjgk.deviantart.com); I've been doing that on my own for about a year and a half. I don't plan on making furry stuff in 3D until a couple years from now, when I take some Maya classes and have access to some delicious workstations.

With guitar, one of my dreams is to make an all-furry band (in fact, I've been dreaming of modifying Trivium's "We Are the Fire" with furry lyrics and extended solos ["We Are the Furs", heh] and performing it at Anthrocon '07, which will be my first con). I've been playing guitar on my own since last Christmas. Most people say I'm good, but I don't think I'm good _enough_. I generally make up my own stuff, but I do play a bit of A7X, Trivium, In Flames, Tool, etc.

I think it's great that this community exists and that I found it. I met my first fur in person (the guy who convinced me to get an FA), and we talked for about 4 hours about just about everything. It was wonderful to be able to just talk with such freedom. 'Twas the best conversation I've had in many years. I look forward to a lot of such conversations in the future. Thanks for reading!


King o' the bushy tails
This is your friendly resident meerkat saying hi.

And LostWolf lies.



Hello...welcome! Enjoy your stay with us. This place is loads of fun.

*Beware the Shiny! Just so ya know.*
welcome to you and such. if you been lurking here for a few days then does that mean you witnessed the epic rp battles going on all over the place? if so then i'm certain you understand just how wrong the lost wolf is....


Hey, WelcomeTheCollapse! (Couldn't say "Welcome, WelcomeTheCollapse!" could I?) :)