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I'm guessing if you are here, you're interested in what I can do~ Awesome. I've got it relatively organized, so please read through at your leisure~

[About Me and How I Work]
I am a self-taught artist. I didn't take any classes (save for one "digital imaging class" in high school in which, I ended up helping to teach the class. I don't do anything artsy for a living, I'm an insurance agent, actually. I do however, very much enjoy drawing, and this is more to help ensure I have enough to pay my bills and the like while I'm still starting out in my chosen career. I value customer service over virtually anything else, which is why I will do my best to work with you every step of the way on your commission to make sure it is as close to perfect as I can get.

my prices vary depending on what you want, I am in no way a cheap commission artist (You won't get a large piece for $10 USD) but I believe in good customer service and quick commission time.

Here's a little bit about how I work:
Aside from my work-life (I am a licensed insurance agent, so I work a lot, but I still have plenty of time to draw), any commission(s) requested of me, become my top priority. So while I am not working on insurance, I'll be working on commissions. (Of course I will take some time to do other things, but for the most part, it would be commission work in my free time)

I believe in fixing any mistakes as soon as they're seen. So, because of that you get AT LEAST one WIP every step of the way. I'll give you a basic sketch (seriously, it's basically just lines and circles) to make sure positioning is okay, then the basic sketch, then the full lines, then flat color, then shading and highlighting, etc, etc. This gives you the opportunity to tell me "no that's not round enough, or white enough or needs more scales." or whatever at EVERY stage, so the commission comes out as close to perfect as I can possibly get it.

I love drawing creatures/monsters/characters from YOUR imagination! Do you want a bat/fox/dragon/tapir/zebra hybrid? Okay! I'll talk it over with you, and we'll go over what part of what animal you want where and I'll flesh it out for you in a reference sheet!

[examples + DA link]
Here's a few examples of my work; more can be found here

Please note, the examples below are NOT their original size, they're sized down by the site. Check my DA or click the image to see the actual size!

A Commission for a user on PFQ,

A commission for another user on PFQ

Art for myself (and to be used by a friend of mine)

My own version of the summon items of PFQ (for summoning legendary pokemon)

[What I can do]
What I can draw

Virtually any animal you want
Animals that don't exist
Hybrids that don't exist

Reference Sheets **Check below for more info on reference sheets)
Simple Backgrounds (Not single color)

[What I'd be willing to TRY doing]
Complex Backgrounds

[What I absolutely WON'T do]
Human (sorry my human faces come out... weird ;.; )

[General Pricing]

All avatars will be a larger picture (probably no smaller than 300px by 300px) and then sized down. The commissioner will receive both the larger and smaller versions.
$15-$30 USD (depending on complexity)

Headhsots and Busts will vary in size and price dependent on what the commissioner wants and will use it for (Don't want a 300 px drawing to fill a space of 500px)
$20-$40 USD

Full Body drawings are generally very large from me. If you want a smaller size, we can maybe work out something, but generally, they're no smaller than 1,000px
$35-$80 USD (depending on size and complexity, generally on the lower end, additional charges for multiple characters

Reference Sheets
A simple to complexly detailed reference of a character. Views and such are listed A La Carte below
$50-$250 USD (depending on what/how many views the commissioner wants and the complexity of the character

A La Carte Reference View Menu:
- Profile view (This is generally the standard reference view. May include duplicated left and right view with line-changes IF there are differences in markings/appearance on one side only)
- Front View (generally, the character in a standing or sitting position, facing the viewer.
- Back View (similar to the front view, except that it shows the backside of the character, generally good for showing tail markings or markings on the back of the leg)
- Bird's Eye View (Shows a top-down version of the character, may be drawn standing so you can only see the very top of the character or the character may be laid out in a "rug" fashion to show all the markings on the top of the character, both bird's-eye versions may be included, but it would cost extra)
- Worm's eye View (similar to the bird's eye view, however, it shows the underbelly of the character. It is easiest to draw in a "rug" fashion, but may also be drawn as standing with the viewer looking directly up at them from the ground, again, both worm's eye versions may be included, but it would cost extra)
- Close-ups (these are good for showing pawpad-shape or markings, eye color or markings around the eyes, nose color, etc. etc. These are included standard with a standard-profile view reference)
- Other things that may be included for little to no cost (generally no cost) (Name, information, various details written out, color palette)
- Shading/Highlighting (I generally leave my references flat-colored, as I have always found it easier to determine markings/color placement from a flat-colored reference, but, I can shade one or all of the views for you, if you so choose. This however, is a lot of extra work, and would cost extra)

Referral Rewards
Know someone who would be interested in commissioning me? Have them send me a PM on here or a note on DA. If they commission me, and say you referred them, you get a reward! (it might be an avatar, it might be a discount on your next purchase!

Note: this is ONLY if the person you referred commissions me.

[Pyaments/How to make them]
Payments I accept


How to pay me
I will PM you my paypal Information upon completion of the commission, unless otherwise stated/agreed upon.

This can vary, however, in most cases, your commission will be done within a week or two, often times just a few days, if I can work on it nearly non-stop, and you are available for updates.

For an extremely large or complex commission it may take up to a month, but I've only once had a piece take that long (the large Skoll/Hati art on my DA) and that was actually due to my old tablet dying on me.

[When I recieve payment vs when I do the work]
In most cases, I will not ask for the payment until the commission is complete or almost complete. Sometimes I will ask for half after I've finished the initial lines, but that's rare.
However, the commission will come with a large watermark on it until payment has been received. After I receive payment, I will give you a link to one that doesn't have the large watermark over it.

It will still retain my signature though, generally though it is not terribly invasive on the image.

Questions, comments, concerns?
Post here, PM me, or note me on DA​