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Feral Art?


Lovable Dorky Werewolf
I just realized I don't have hardly anything of my werewolf character's feral form. He's usually drawn anthro since I much prefer it, but I like his feral side too and had a few artists ask me recently if he had any feral art. I only have one piece, and it's really nice, but if I could get a few more references that would be amazing!

Here's his ref sheet: www.furaffinity.net: Alex Reference Sheet [Extra info in description] by featherw0lf
And the only feral art: www.furaffinity.net: Alex's Feral Form by featherw0lf

Some things to note:
  • He keeps his fur pattern and tattoo even when feral
  • Feral form doesn't wear clothing
  • Feral form is meant to be bigger and more muscular looking than a normal wolf (it's meant to be obvious that he's a werewolf)
  • As for expression, I usually prefer something fierce for this form. However, you're free to have him look annoyed, happy, nervous, ect