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Hiring: Feral Lion Art (Lioden Style) - $60 - $100


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I'm in search of someone who can mimic the Lioden style of art as closely as possible!



Specifically, I'm looking to get a transparent bust/headshot of one of my Lioden lions. I'm willing to pay up to $100 for just the headshot if I can find someone capable of mimicking this style very closely. This is him:


If you need further examples of his style, the artist for Lioden is mrXylax on DeviantArt. Please provide examples of your art! I need to know that you are capable of matching this style.


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lazy artist
while i haven't specifically attempted to mimic lioden's art style, i'm very familiar with it as a player, and feel fairly confident in my ability to capture it! you can find examples of my usual style and pricing here, but i'm able to adjust my style to more realistic as well c: feel free to dm me if you're at all interested