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(Commission) Selling: Feral sketch commissions


Born To Be A Hero
Hey there!

I'm just about to start with commissions, I hope I'm doing this in the correct way. Just tell me, if there's anything needed to be changed!
(It was a PWYW but I now go with a fixed price)

So, first of all I'm looking for some simple designed characters and it's about to get into commissions. There're currently 3 slots available
And the minimum price is $2,74. I will always do my best and feedback is really appreciated to improve myself!

So, for now, these will only be sketches, but either as headshot, bust, half- or full body and also flat colored and/ or with a simple background, if requested.
I might change that in the future, when I can handle to get more time.

Headshot $2,74/ 2€ - $6.38/ 5€ (depending on complexity, details, etc.)
Bust $2,74/ 2€ - $6.38/ 5€ (depending on complexity, details, etc.)
Half body $6.38/ 5€ - $12.45/ 10€ (depending on complexity, details, etc.)
Full body $6.38/ 5€ - $12.45/ 10€ (depending on complexity, details, etc.)

What will I do?
Feral/ Animals

Won't Do
Anthro, Furry, etc. - literally anything else.

I will try most of the feral/ animal section but I won't promise anything. I'm really on the beginning in doing this but I'm excited to improve myself and can offer much more anytime soon!

I also have the right to decline a request, when the character seems too complex, I don't feel comfy, etc.

Terms of Services can be read here

current art examples (since the latest ones are only fullbody - I do headshots, busts and halbodys too!):

character/ references:
commission(what do you want: headshot, bust, halfbody, fullbody):
additional(colored?, simple background?):
anything else to mention:

You can dm me here, comment or email me.

Slot 2: OPEN
Slot 3: OPEN
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