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Ferret/plant Fursona


of misadventures
I've ended up with a ferret/plant fursona named Ve, whom I found to be a blast to design. I based a lot of his talents off of DnD/Pathfinder's druid class; however, I took a very different approach to the moves, and really personalized them. Below is the giant wall of text which makes him who he is:


Name: Ve
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Species: Ferret/plant
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 110 pounds


Structure: Fairly tall and super slender/sleek anthro with petals protruding ever so slightly off him, that are barely visible in his silhouette. Has a relaxed/slightly fidgety posture by default.

Fur: Sleek, light brown fur covering the entirety of his body, excluding the traditional black markings on the face, hind/forepaws, tip of the tail, and down his spine

Petals: Ve has several vibrant pink and purple petals, clinging tightly to his body. These would include the upper section of his back, just a little past the shoulder blades; up the back of his neck, stopping short of the hairline; on the chest where one would grow chest hair; the outer section of his thighs, which clings loosely to his pelt, and are more visible in his silhouette that also wraps around the back of his waist and down the top of his tail down to it’s tip. He also has several, larger petals coming visibly off of his shoulders, in an almost pauldron like fashion; and a few smaller petals clinging tightly to the base of his muzzle, and disappearing halfway down said muzzle.

Fragrance: The petals on Ve give of a sweet-roselike scent

Eye colors: bright purple

Hair: Dark brown hair which is a tamed-messy and slicked back look which goes halfway down his lanky neck

Ears: Small black ears

Claws: Small, almost innocent looking black claws which seem to shine purple in the light

Tail: Long fluffy tail with a black tip

Accessories: Has a purple D20 hanging from a black, leather necklace, as well as a bracelet made up of a vine-like material wrapping up his entire left arm which has small flower buds growing off it, and an amethyst stud on his right ear. He also occasionally wears an oversized beanie which has a black/dark purple gradient.

Clothing/Personal Style: Ve has adopted a rather hipster-like attire, wearing a plain black T-shirt; with a dark purple plaid shirt, rolled up halfway up the forearm; paired with ripped jeans; and black shoes.

Behavior and personality: Ve has a slight gambling problem, and loves to tempt fate. He’s always super curious and more than adventurous. This however, tends to land him in trouble more often than not, causing him to find himself in rather precarious situations. Despite this, he tends to be very chill and empathetic towards everything, especially plant life, and tries to avoid fighting when possible.


  • Nature’s tongue: Ve can understand/communicate with most animals, and typically can come to even terms with unfriendly, wild beasts

  • Creation: He can create up to two gallons of pure drinking water as well as a light equivalent to a torch, before he needs to rest his creation skills.

  • Growth: When there are proper soil, Ve can magically create any plant life that could sustain itself in the area. Furthermore, he can hasten or revert any plants growth state, making it grow in an instant.

  • Control: Ve has the ability to magically control any nearby plants, augmenting them to the point where they are tough as steel and seem to have minds of their own. Doing so requires severe concentration on his part, typically doing so will sap him of his energy, making it harder for him to keep it up for prolonged periods of time. He can however, give the plants an almost sentient state where they will do his bidding for nearly an hour if he chooses to expend nearly all of his energy.

  • Shifting: Ve’s connection to nature has given him the ability to shapeshift any plant-like entities on his person, or those which he has direct contact with. The variety of things he can shapeshift are highly limited, and they must have some sort of resemblance to their previous form; however, he an also augment any physical properties to an extent. This allows him to turn things into combat ready weapons, armor, and possibly disguises.


  • Ve draws on the very nature around him to empower himself. Therefore, if he hasn’t been near sunlight or is dehydrated, the petals on him will start to flake off, exposing the typical ferret pelt, and sapping him of his energy and powers until he’s gotten the proper nutrients again.

  • His powers are also significantly weaker in urban/unnatural areas, and stronger in more wild environments because he’ll have less/more plants to work with.

  • As he takes control of any plant life, it will require a lot of his concentration to maintain control. Furthermore, as he’s doing so his mind becomes one with the plants, feeling the ebb and flow of their life and suffering from any pain they endure.

  • Ve also has a very unnatural connection to metals. Most metals will cause him to feel a sharp, burning sensation that varies in severity. This causes obvious implications on what he can comfortably use in combat and in his day to day life; however, the biggest factor here is his connection to coins. He finds that the burning sensation he gets from any form of coin feels masochistically good, and he can’t help but gamble his money away as he tries to get more of this...feel good cash.

This post has gotten to long with the origin included, so I'm posting it in the comments on this thread, but a brief summary is he was captured by cultists who attempted a ritual to basically give his body to their plant-goddess.

Personal views and background info:

  • Ve must be extremely careful as he uses his abilities. Each one will slowly drain his energy, and when he runs out he will be completely exhausted and not able to do anything. The greater task he tries to perform without resting will bring much larger risks.

  • He is also extremely unskilled at one on one combat, and therefore will try everything in his power to take the peaceful approach, or use trickery to abscond from any real fighting.


of misadventures
Here is his origin story, but note that it's a bit dark and gets graphic towards the end. If you are easily disturbed, you have been warned.
Ve was once your average ferret who didn’t have a care in the world, one who hailed from an almost jungle-like forest whose name was lost to him over the course of time. This was of course, up until he went for a peaceful hike down to the waterfall where he’d take a load off and relax at the shallows...or at least that was the plan; however, as he was about to take the bend which lead to the falls he was jumped by several cloaked figures whom bore an insignia of a lotus on their chest. He barely had time to acknowledge the sharp pain in his neck as he was injected with something, before he had dropped like a rock, consciousness slipping out of his grasp.

These cultists soon took him to a cave deeper into the forest, concealed by dense, nearly impassable vines and had laid him out onto a stone altar in the middle of an immense cave opening. They then proceeded to tie Ve’s limbs to the various corners of this stone slab with thorny vines which bit into his skin, and lighting candles all around the chamber. The lead cultist then proceeded to walk up to the head of the altar, holding a sacrificial knife into the air as he outstretched his arms and said:

“Join me my brethren! For the holy one has finally given us her vessel! This poor, ignorant creature shall be reborn this day, and shall be embraced into the welcoming arms of our dear mother. For it is on this day, that we have finally found our prime specimen. One who shall be the catalyst for our Goddess to reach out to us with her powers, and take control of this vessels worthless body!”

The other three cultists erupted in maniacal laughter and applause, before being silenced by their head-cultist and they all began to chant in an ancient tongue, long lost in the ages. Once the proper rites had been recited, all the candles had flickered out, and the head-cultist plunged the knife into Ve’s exposed chest. This had caused the room to fill with an unnatural, purple glow as a shockwave surged through the room, nearly throwing everyone back as it sent candles flying from their perches and the vines around Ve’s limbs to snap.

As the light had started to die down, petals had started to sprout out of Ve’s sleek fur, causing the cultists to shout gleefully as they witnessed their efforts come to a close. However, just as abruptly as the light had erupted, so was the hopes of the cultists dashed away from them; for as the petals had started to form, they soon began to wither and die.

“NO!!” the head-cultist shouted, as he pushed Ve off the table in sheer rage. “This can’t be happening again! She spoke to me, she assured me that he was the one! There must be some sort of mistake, some sort of miscalculation…” However, deep down he knew that this wasn’t the case, and as he desperately sought to find something, someone to blame, he turned towards the nearest robbed figure. “HERESY!! It is all your fault,” he shouted as he waved the blade furiously at the cultist as he came up on him. “You were the one who ‘spotted’ this heathen walking through the forest! It’s your fault the Goddess’ will has not been fulfilled! And for your treachery, you shall perish alongside this fool!”

And as he shouted his final threats he plunged the knife into the confused and whimpering cultist, snuffing out his existence in a matter of seconds; as the body fell to the floor, the other two remaining cultists exchanged horrified glances at each other before bolting out of the chamber, hearing nothing but the rage filled screams of their former leader who was shouting blasphemy towards them, swearing the Goddess will remember their insolence.

This unhinged cultist then dragged both of the newly found corpses further into the cave and tossed them down into a cavernous drop. Days, weeks even had passed, and as time went by the petals that clung tightly to Ve’s sleek fur had started to spring to life. Slowly inching their way back into the vibrant color that they deserve to be. At first it was like waking up from a dream, before rolling over trying desperately to go back to sleep. Then it hit him. The putrid smell of decaying flesh. He jolted upward, his watery gaze met with nothing but horrific sights of the mountain of decomposing bodies that he had been thrown onto. Failed experiments gone wrong. He was terrified, the only thought rushing through his mind was escape. He needed to get away from this nightmare, off of this heap of flesh.

As he shakily tried to stand up, his legs buckled out from underneath him as he had slipped on an unknown fluid. The next thing he knew, he was tumbling down the rotting masses, spiralling towards the caverns floor. He landed with a horrific plop as he landed in putrid fluids, which had begun to congeal and mold. He slowly lifted himself up off the ground, which seemed to suck him back in as the ground itself attempted to reclaim his body. “Well,” Ve thought to himself, “it seems like I found my way off that disgusting mound. Now only if I could find a way out of this dreadful nightmare.”


Zephyris Redsnout
I love your Groot and I love the DnD connection. I don't have much experience with the druid class but from my experience of Critical Role, I'd say you captured the feel of it perfectly.


Late Healer Ferret
*slides in* Ferret? D&D? That’s all you had to say to get my interest.

I think you did really well combining things. Lots of good thoughts there too.

And despite the grim backstory you can definitely tell you had fun, which makes it all a win in my book.


of misadventures
*slides in* Ferret? D&D? That’s all you had to say to get my interest.

I think you did really well combining things. Lots of good thoughts there too.

And despite the grim backstory you can definitely tell you had fun, which makes it all a win in my book.
Haha thanks, he was a blast to create! Love your art btw, looks super cute :D