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FFXI or WoW?


Is not ****ing interested.
Anyone play either of these games? :B


FFXI: Kujata Server

WoW: Argent Dawn Server


I used to play FFXI until they got a permanent Tagalog-English speaking GM. I miss having that power.


Is not ****ing interested.
Voltemand said:
I play WoW, I used to play FFXI.

Allways looking for an EXCUSE to go BACK though,

lol play on my server? :B


Personally I'd like WoW more, but I quitted it long ago, due to the fact that I just love online FPS more :). And 3D MMORPGs arnt as fun as Ragnarok (which is 2D) IMHO, damn I miss that game.


Infernal Kitty
I played FFXI for about three weeks and WoW for about five.

Didn't really get into either of them, though. Not enough to justify $15/month, anyway.

Ray Kicio

I used to play FFXI

Level 75 RNG/NIN on Cerberus

Now I play WoW on Suramar, Crushridge, Scarlet Crusade and Arucidoun.

I need a job.


I play WoW.
I'm on the European Eonar realm.
It eated my life.
But i love it still. :p


lol reggin
FFXI From 2004 till now. Lakshmi.


Is not ****ing interested.
Nice XD I still go back and forth between the games a lot.


Is not ****ing interested.
kuron said:
I play  WoW  :D   Never got to play FF11   D:

Troll mage on SilverHand,   whoot!  FOR THE HORDE   <3

Yesss, for the Horde. lol
Actually, I've never heard Horde players shout that out loud. :/


New Member
I've never played FFXI. A friend of mine had a lot of fun with it, but finally went cold turkey and deleted his account.

Myself, I play WoW, and have for about two years. Started up on Spirestone as Horde (which is, my heart, my true alliance) but quit due to it taking up too much time. Then went to Kael'thas where I play as Alliance.

Horde was more fun....

....and more mature, most of the time... Sigh!


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I play WoW I really like it. I just wish there was a furry guild or something like that I really need to meet furs on there.
I used to play both. WoW got boring after the first month of playing. After soloing myself to 25 I got bored because no one really wanted to group up unless you were in a guild. And from what I've seen the guilds are pretty much run by 15 year olds or 30 year old cat-piss-men who live in their parents' basement with no life who sleep like one day a week (usually when the servers are down for updates). FFXI was fun, I'd still be playing it if my group didn't split up for college and got busy after that with work. Right now FFXI from what I hear has gone the way of EQ, all pros no noobs so everyone is high level with no interest in grouping with noobs for low level runs.


I used to play WoW but the class imbalances made me quit. Now I only play Counter-Strike: Source or Gears of War, Army of Two also when it comes out.


New Member
Honestly I don't like either one lol... T_T

But I won't bore you with my lengthy review as to why lol...

I do however play Vanguard on the Gulgrethor server if anyone plays that (also I got a soldier named Setun on BF2142 if any of y'all play that as well)


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I play WoW... Kinda. Getting VERY bored with the fact that it is a constant daily grind. Stormreaver server, horde side, mostly.

I have a FFXI account that I pay for for one month every 5 or so to keep my characters from being deleted, Ramuh server. Very highly considering going back to it.

WoW is just seemingly in its declining days, now.


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Neither. But I have been playing STALKER lately...


I only got a chance to play FFXI (PS2) but thanks to they narrow payment methods I stopped playing it about *counts* almost a year now, since I get no sort of e-mail about events from the game, and the fact I'm left in the dark in keeping contact with my linkshell. I never found a reason to go back other than finish leveling Dragoon, even after when I just got the newer extension at the time. Leiona, Seraph Server.
I used to play wow, Dragonmaw.. 63 Holy spec pally and on the side a 60 rogue.. pve specced I think. I had a bunch of the other classes, but money and my grades started to plunge so I stopped. I want to go back though!


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WoW bores me, too grind and no story.
FFXI is like listening to a science lecture. Jesus god allmighty it's boring.

EQ2 for me. EQ2 aaall the way.


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I never tried FFXI since my boyfriend did and said he spent the first 5 minutes with his character slept.. or something like that so he instantly quit. We both got WoW and have been playing it since release. Horde also, I have 3 70 druids and a 70 mage on Cho'gall.... I play too much probably D: