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Fidchell's Youtube Tutorials


Time destroys everything.
Hey everyone! A couple months ago I've started a new youtube channel to focus on random pieces of art I work on as well as providing tutorials for those who are seeking help. My channel doesn't have too much reception at the moment and it'd be a big motivational boost if I could get some feedback. I don't have much experience as a video creator, but I thought it might help some of you guys out and it would make my day if my videos could inspire or assist you in any way. If there is any way you feel I can improve my videos in the future, whether it's how I talk or what I talk about, please let me know! Most of my videos have some music, but I'm starting to take that out as it could prove to be too distracting from what I am talking about.


I have my own distinct style, but hopefully I can still give out some general, useful tips when it comes to drawing. Is there a specific subject you guys want me to cover? Feel free to post and make suggestions! I understand my art is nowhere near perfect and I have a lot to improve on, but like I said before, I really hope that I can be of some help regardless. I'll be sticking around this forum and giving out critique when I can as well (I'm pretty busy myself). You can even post in this topic with specific artworks you've made if you'd like me to critique it or just give feedback.

Thanks for reading, everyone!