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Free Art: Fightiiiing! (2 characters fight)

@Puzzlegoblin and @SilverTheSpireWolf Here you go! Hope you'll like it! I tried a bit more staging and impact ^^

You can also find it on my gallery here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/43157632/
Ow-Ouch! Hehe, that's what he gets for calling down the Thunder! Marvelous work! Much obliged!


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I'd love to enter Phlegethon into the ring. n.n
She's a big burly muscled giantess horse lady. A demon General with a hot temper and even hotter hammer/axe hybrid weapon. She's got a tanky offensive style that is very smash you into pulp. I'm fine with injuries on either side. She can be depicted with flaming energy like wings and around her horn.

Gallery - She is anthro but I only have a chibi of her so far in anthro form.