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Fighting against cancer, you get a sketch for your donation!


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Hello world! :) I'm raising money for my best friend's father, who was diagnosed with Gastric Adenocarcinoma (Cancer), he underwent surgery, had his entire stomach removed and he’s in need of radiotherapy and chemotherapy as soon as possible.

Unfortunately due to our situation in our country, Venezuela, we don’t have any access to resources to begin his treatment. We have created a GoFundMe campaign to seek some help, anything that comes from your heart will be very much appreciated.

GoFundMe: gf.me/u/rkczc8

I'll give you a sketch of mine for your donation! ;) The more you donate the more detail i'll add!
If you have another idea to help, please leave me a message!

***If you want to donate less than 5$, please leave me a message
***After you donated, please send me a message with proof of donation! :) Thanks for your support!

I don´t know if this is the place (Art Exchange and Trades) where i should post this, but i think i doesn´t qualify in the General Discussion Forums.