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Fighting fit to squash the pathowogen


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?
Most of us are lucky enough to be young and healthy, which means we are more likely to be able to overcome COVID-19.

There is some equivocal evidence that exercising regularly and having a higher baseline fitness increases your chances even further, so we can help squash the virus by doing crunches. Get fit to fight the virus.

I thought I'd make a thread for everybody to share their exercise regimes and exchange any tips.
For now I'll ask people not to share progress pics; we'll see if a staff member can provide any comment about that.

At the start of the lockdown I lost 3kg of weight because my life got pretty disrupted.
My current exercise is the 'Saitma' workout of 100 pressups, situps and squats each day- and that's succeeded in getting me back inside a healthy BMI range.

What I didn't expect was that the squats are the hardest bit!

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I've gained 10 pounds since December, and even then I was 10 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. *Is a Fatass*

My work is fairly physical, so that's where most of my exercise is coming from.
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TFed Ex-Knight
Oof. Squats are the easiest workout for me, probably because I exclusively use a bike for transportation.

I run 2 miles 4 times a week. After 2 of those times, I do 50 squats and go back and forth across my front yard doing those kneeling thingies that advance you a few steps every time 10 times. The other 2 runs, I proceed to do pushups afterwards, started at 50 and increase by 1 every pushup day. I'm at 64 now. My ultimate goal is to do 100 in a row!

Firuthi Dragovic

Gamer Dragon, former speedrunner
Thing is, most of my 13 lbs of weight loss in the past 6-7 weeks was from diet alone. And I found out I can't rely on the most common protein stuff (the diet calls for 30% of calories being from protein, I'm not sure if that's honestly realistic) due to what I now know for 100% certain is lactose intolerance. (Which was also certainly making me too miserable to exercise. Have you SEEN how many foods, especially diet foods and high-protein items, rely heavily on whey protein?!?)

Targeting the 230-250 lb range. No way can I reach the BMI-standard "healthy" weight of 190-ish at my height, I know for a fact that requires me to exercise 20 hours a week or more because the last time I hit that weight was high school where I was doing 2 sports.

Which actually prompts me to say "focus on your own health rather than some arbitrary number".

My exercise is... admittedly still a bit too irregular. I have basically no core strength and never have really had it, even when I was swimming competitively. Decent limb strength though.

I think the most exercise I've gotten in a day combines yard work and VR climbing maps. Thing is I can't get full climbing motions in VR due to my low ceiling and have to resort to what I call "the Banjo climb" (y'know that really fast climbing animation in the Banjo-Kazooie games that only brings the arms like halfway? Yeah, that). Faster motions but doesn't work the muscles to quite the same extent.


The Silent Observer
Unless I can get to a gym where my focus is on fitness, I occasionally play Just Dance on the switch or take my momma's fat pupper on walks.
Otherwise I'm working out while doing household chores/activities. Like squatting while dusting the lower/bottom shelves and things. My legs are ripped.
The rest of me is still marshmallow tho. :c


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?


just happy to be here
I've been doing 64 plate squats, 64 wall slides (the shoulder ones), 64 bird dogs, and 80 seconds of planks a day, 6 days a week. It's only about 15 minutes of exercise, but it's enough to get me sweating so I figure it's good enough! Someday I want to focus on building muscle, but for now keeping myself energized is the most important thing.


Lady of the lake
I started to go running regularly about a year ago.
Two years ago I was still very overweight and would basically collapse if I had to run to catch my tram.
After I lost about 30 kilos I was able to run close to 4km in one go.
Took a bit of a break during the winter and spring, now I am working on running 10k in one go. I am at 8km at the moment.

Had to take another break though. I think I overdid it a little, three weeks ago my leg started to hurt like hell after my last run. It's getting better but I'm in no shape to go for it again just yet.

As for the Saitama training? I am almost bald anyway, might as well :p


I've lost 15Ibs in the last few months. Not in a healthy way, though. I get severe depression episodes and sometimes don't eat for days.

Sometimes I feel like you but I read that exercise releases dopamine, it is a good method to be happy normally I don't do much exercise, but I can assure that when I am exhausted after a routine, I feel very well.

Hope you are well


Lost in an internal soundtrack
A few months ago I would do one to two hours of either biking or trail jogging twice a week and walk my dogs daily. I would alternate different sets of strength training three times a week mostly focusing on whole body workouts. Doing things like barbell squats, rows, presses, leg curls, lateral raises, incline dumbell curls, romanian dumbell deadlift, and face pulls to list a few.

All I do right now is work labor on a house that I'm re-doing alone and then have some fun during the weekend :D


I lost a bunch of weight before the pandemic, and have managed to keep my BMI is in the healthy range since then.

How I did it:
- Cut back on fast food
- Reduce red meat intake
- Increase vegetable intake
- Drink more water
- Include things like dark chocolate, nuts, fruit when snacking
- Light exercise 2-3 times per week

To help boost immunity through vitamin D, I try to get enough exposure to sunlight without overdoing it.
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The softest little kitty
Am I the only one that has always had problems putting on weight? I've always been underweight no matter what I did. It seems the more I eat the lower weight I'll be the next day. If I eat more than normal I'll be lighter the following day. Eat less the heavier I will be. It is fucking weird! I've been using weight machines for years and maybe put on what? 10 pounds? So its almost like I can't do sports or swim or anything else I like doing because then bye bye weight.
*sad sigh*
Well... maybe I am just supposed to barely be over triple digits.

Deleted member 134556

With being active at my new job and eating healthier food for the past two weeks, I no longer have to suck in my gut in public to appear more physically fit

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
I've started to get a salad for lunch most days that I work.


Joy Boi
Well, excessive is something that is unique for each individual and your goals. I am a Martial Artist, therefore my workout routine focuses on repetition and flexibility over brute strength.

On a normal day I would do
10-15 Minutes of stretching:
Stretching is one of the best things you can do for your body, especially before working out, but don't over do it. I am a bit more flexible than the average male because I have been doing it for years, you must listen to your body. When you stretch you should feel a slight twinge of pain, this means you are stretching your body slightly past where you can comfortably go. This is when you are improving. If you feel too much pain slowly pull out of what you are doing, if you move too fast then you may cause even more injury. I do full body stretching stagnant and dynamic stretching (ie. not moving and moving around while stretching) but you should stretch whatever feels the most sore or what part of your body you plan on working the most for your work out session.
-30 Seconds of Push ups:
start with regular push ups with your palms flat on the ground about where your shoulders should be and bending your arms 90 degrees. If you want a harder push up try knuckle push ups. To do these correctly you need to only have your pointer and middle finger knuckles in contact with the ground.
-30 Seconds of Sit ups:
There are 3 versions you could do. 1 is the easiest you lay flat on your back and you bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor, you cross your arms infant of your chest (never behind your head, this pulls your neck out of alignment) and pull your body up until your torso is perpendicular with the floor. 2 are mummy sit ups, instead of bending your knees you put them out straight and cross your arms over your chest like a mummy. the 3rd is the hardest, instead of crossing your arms over your chest, you make "finger guns" with your hands and put them on the sides of your temple and do a sit up. But this time instead of going back down once you have gotten perpendicular to the floor you twist your upper body 90 degrees in both directions before going back down.
-30 seconds of squats:
There are 2 versions of squats. 1 is where you have your knees slightly further apart than your shoulders, or where ever feels comfortable and you bend your knees 90 degrees. the second is jump squats, I don't recommend doing this if you have a knee or foot injury, because if you land incorrectly you will injure yourself more. When you go down for the squat you do the same as a regular squat, but when you come up you move your arms upwards as well to help push yourself off of the ground. When you land you should land on the balls of your feet, not flat footed. If you land flat footed this will damage your knees.
-30 Seconds of Leg drops:
Leg drops are a little harder to do. you lay down flat on the floor on your back with your legs extended outwards. You place your palms flat on the floor kinda off to the side of your hips to stabilize yourself. you then keep your legs straight and raise them upwards until they are perpendicular with the floor. The next step is optional. You can add a crunch to it, all you gotta do is lift your hips off the ground

This should be one rep, I tend to do at least 5 reps if im not feeling so well, but generally i do 10-15. This is completely modular, you could change up the times or number of reps to fit your needs. fitness is not a sprint finish it is something you work towards slowly and painfully. Everybody works at their own pace and that is what makes working out an art and you just need to find your style!

Lastly but not least, i do 15-20 minutes of cool down stretching, doing this will help flush the lactic acid out of your body. Doing this will make you less sore the next day!

Sorry for the long post, I wanted to get everything together in once place so people who want to follow along could do so easily. If you have any questions about the above workout or have any other questions don't hesitate to ask, I'd be more than happy to assist you!