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File Recovery


Ok, I have a serious problem, I use Packet Writing CDs (eg: INCD ) to backup my stuff and something has happened, I lost all my downloaded programs, and my drawings and art trades, is there a way to recover them?

Recent programs installed : Norton Ghost Version 14 unactivated.
OS : Win XP Pro
RAM : 1 GB

Drive LG DVD-RAM DRive



Kinda an old thread, but I saw that you didn't get any help, so:

-Try right-clicking your local disk in My Computer and clicking properties. If there is a Tab for "Previous Versions," you may be able to restore to one.

-If there's not, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. You can completely restore your HD to a previous state.

Hope that helps. And don't wait too long until you try those methods, your computer will erase older backups.
if all else fails you can try and use a program called testdisk and photorec to try and recover your stuff, it worked for me when i was stupid and screwed up a hard drive


im not sure if this program has a GUI or not, so if you find it doesnt you can always contact me and i will help you with it. and it requires a place for you to dump all of the stuff the program recovers, which can be a lot! so i recommend either purchasing a backup drive or borrowing one to recover your stuff, and besides a backup drive is useful for backups anyway ;)


Small Dragon
Every single thing you download, upload, and touch from this point out might destroy the fragments of those deleted files, if you really want these back you will not use the pc, or turn it off from this point out, if its on your main drive leave the pc alone, if it is on a portable unplug it. find a software that works, right now one of my best friends who has programs like this is asleep but as soon as he is up I will get the program and give you it but until then, you will have to leave the pc alone or the drive alone or else your chances will diminish.


Thanks for the help I pulled everything I needed off the hard drive, there was a program I needed off there that is incredibly rare that the BetaArchive would appreciate in having as well as a few abandonware sites.

Tabworks 1.0

In addition I used ISO Buster to get the stuff off the disc and reformatted the disc and it works fine, Ghost is gone as well as a few other programs.