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Fill the furry above you


Hello, I have thought of a new game! To play, you simply fill the furry above you with something. Can be anything, like pinballs, rubber mallets, fractal imagining scanners, so much fun to be had!

Keep it SFW ;)


Captious Lycanthrope of Forum Legend
I fill you with puppies!



Fundamentalist Heretic
Paper clips



Fundamentalist Heretic
How about this?
I will fill you with FLYING DEMONIC PAPERCLIPS :eek:
I'll take the flying part. :D Not if it comes with demons tho. All the demons I've ever known were jerks. :mad:

As for the person above, I shall fill you with bees! :eek:


Fundamentalist Heretic
Let it be known that the user above is filled with ice-nine!


I'm a hot dog


Fundamentalist Heretic
I thought the exact opposite when I've read the title >:V

*fills you with water* Stay healthy and hydrrated!
*shorts out and explodes* :eek:

I fill you with cream cheese frosting! :rolleyes:

Jackpot Raccuki

Aka the hot single in your area. (Not Single)
I fill you with memes; but just enough so you can keep that empty hollow feeling memers have.